I Was A Minuteman In High School

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When I came into Minuteman on my very first day of High School, I had no idea where I would be four years down the road. What shop I would choose, who my friends would be, or any of my plans for the future. But as I sit here, with graduation fast approaching, it’s amazing to see how far I have come.
My academic performance freshman year was subpar to say the least. It wasn’t that I didn’t understand what we were learning, I just didn’t have the motivation to apply myself. At least now I can honestly say that I have learned from my mistakes. After freshman year, I got my priorities straight and was able to focus on what I really wanted; to get good grades and have a successful, promising ...view middle of the document...

During my junior year I was selected as a Rotary Youth Leadership Award winner and participated in a weekend long Leadership and Team Building Workshop. For the past three years I have also participated in SkillsUSA, a career and technical student organization. In my sophomore year I competed and was awarded a bronze medal at the State Conference. I competed again my junior year and won a silver medal at the same conference. I am competing again this year with hopes of winning a gold medal and continuing on to the National Conference in Kansas City. I also serve as a SkillsUSA Chapter Officer in the role of Parliamentarian. In addition to the above, I have worked as a cashier at Market Basket since November of 2012.
All of these things have helped to contribute to the person I have become today. While completing my Eagle Scout Service Project I learned more about leadership than I probably ever will. I was in charge of leading a group to help paint a room at the Arlington Senior Center, power wash about 125 chairs, and build two large storage cabinets. At first it seemed rather difficult to organize. I needed to find work dates and a schedule that worked with everyone, including myself. I learned that in order to lead a group of people, you need to be a different type of leader for each person. Everyone learns differently, I had to be...

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