I Was Afraid And I Eventually Learned From It

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Way back when I was little, I wanted to learn how to use a tricycle. I easily learned how to use it. Way before middle school and high school, it happened that the day had come. I was going to learn how to use a bicycle. I was not successful at first because I could not keep my balance and use my pedals fast enough to move without losing my balance. Then I took my feet off of the bike pedals, and put my feet on the ground and stopped. I was afraid to get hurt by falling down on the driveway.
I wanted to give up learning to ride a bicycle, but my parents did not want me to give up. I tried again, but I was still afraid to fall down on the tar. Then I gave up trying to learn to ride a bicycle. Later on, I did not think about how to ride a bike, because I didn't need to learn how to ride a bike.
During middle school, I was not involved with sports. I was not trying to go back to how to ride a bicycle. I did have to go to the PE class because I was required to take the course, and did some activities could keep me in some shape. While I was in middle school, I focused on school work. I was not on a sport team. I was involved with the Boy Scout Troop. While I was in middle school, I did not use a bicycle. I didn't to need ride my bicycle, but my parents did not bug me about learning to ride a bike.
The week of graduation from middle school, we had a day when high schoolers came into the middle school gym. They were involved with different sports teams and clubs. Then I got interested by York High School sport director. I went to over to the cross-country section. I met with the cross-country team, then I listened to the coach who was talking about cross-country, and I signed my name. It sounded like fun to be on the cross-country team. During high school, I picked a fall sport to do for my fall season. So I picked running instead of learning how to ride a bicycle. How to ride a bicycle is held off until later in this essay.
That summer I was on the team, I practiced for cross-country at the beginning of my freshman summer, and most of the summer I walked and eventually started running in the afternoons I would swim. I practiced for cross-country until the middle of August came, then came the cross-country official summer practices. I practiced through mid-August then practice was over. The next season began. My first cross-country meet was at Wells High School on September fifth, 2007. I did not give up how to ride a bicycle by doing cross-country, and Boy Scouts.
High school was different than middle school, because high school had a different schedule, different home room, different building. My freshman year was different than the eight-grade, because most students were more mature in high school than in middle school. Some students in high school acted in mature. I focused on school work and I was involved with extracurricular after school activities like cross-country and Boy Scouts. I was still active in the...

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