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I Am Essay

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Throughout the Gospel of John (as well as the Synoptic Gospels), Jesus is continuously showing people that He is, in fact, the Creator God. Jesus did many signs and miracles to show his close connection with the Father as well as display his deity. Generally, these sings were done in such a way as to prove to the Jews that He was God (as this was what they asked for). However, Jesus did not stop at only doing signs and miracles. He also used the phrase “I AM” to show his deity. To the modern reader, “I AM” simply seems as a phrase of explanation or possession. However, for the Jew, this phrase contains all who God is. In the book of Exodus, God commanded Moses to tell the people that “I AM” sent him to free them from the Egyptian’s bondage. Therefore, they view this simple phrase as God’s identity. When Jesus says, “I AM,” he is directly stating that He is God (if not the same as God). Jesus said this phrase multiple times throughout the Gospel of John, but He didn’t simply stop with the simple phrase. Jesus would add an ending to it (i.e., I AM the vine, I AM the door, etc.) in order to drive home a point with his audience. No matter what statement Jesus would add to the end of “I AM,” He was always pointing his audience to a certain aspect of his nature and ministry.
One of the “I AM” statements found in the Gospel of John is “I AM the light of the world.” Unlike the other “I AM” sayings, Jesus said this phrase two times (8:12; 9:5), but his usage of “I AM” happens in back-to-back narratives. The first usage of this phrase takes place during the narrative of the adulterous woman. The story actually begins a chapter previous where the Fest of Tabernacles is first mentioned. The Feast of Tabernacles is a joyous celebration where the Jewish people would place four golden lamps around the walls, which would light up the entire city at night. However, after the first night, the lamps would be put out, and the only remaining light that shone was the candelabrum, which shone towards until the end of the feast. The light from the candelabrum, however, represented much more than the feast. The light represented the Jews future salvation. It is during this feast where the narrative takes place.
After the last day of the feast, Jesus went into the temple. While Jesus was teaching in the temple, the Jewish leaders threw a woman down at his feet. Like the Law of Moses said, she should have been rightfully stoned; however, as the Bible says, they wanted Jesus to give the order so that they might have something to bring against him to the Romans. However, Jesus was smarter than that. He gave one simple reply—whoever hasn’t sinner, they should be the first to throw stones at her. At this, the Jewish leaders left, leaving only Jesus and the woman. When the leaders left, Jesus talked with her. He said that just as none of the leaders accused her, neither did He. Right after this statement, Jesus gives his “I AM” saying. Jesus says to her that he is the light...

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