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NANG PWINT PHYU Assignment 2s2880087 2527QCAThe production and manufacturing of steel has shaped the world that we are in today through its impact upon various industries ranging from manufacturing of equipment and machinery, the railroad system, architecture of buildings and bridges, agriculture, to usage in arts and sculpture. The soaring production of steel through its progressive advances in techniques to manufacture it has made it one of the most used materials in the world due to its accessibility, its range of qualities, and its cheap prices. Steel has made its mark on this planet with its necessity to be in every part of our life.Steel is a type of iron with its impurities reduced and its carbon composition controlled to roughly 1.5-2.0%. Before the birth of steel, ironworkers and blacksmiths worked on several types of iron to perfect the techniques in the production of steel. The founding of iron artefacts date back to the 4th millennium BC where it was made from meteoric iron. It wasn't till 2800BC that the first man made was found, and still, it took another 1000 years before the modern traditional ways of ironworking were dated to the Hittites in northern Asia Minor. It was the Hittites that used iron for their tools and weapons and led to the transformation into the Iron Age from the Bronze Age and spread it to each corner of the world. Steel artefacts were witnessed in 900AD in Japanese swords although it is believed the Japanese probably didn't even realise they were making steel. As years went by and suitable iron types emerged from the hard works of ironsmiths, iron started becoming integrated into architecture and constructions around the 1700s. The Industrial Revolution resulted from the successful development of mass-production techniques and came the era in the rise of the railways. Finally, nowadays, steel has taken into part of almost every type of construction as it has established to being the "primary structural building material, often used to reinforce concrete" (Condit et al n.d.).For over three thousands years, iron was the main material around the civilisation of humans till it was replaced by steel in the 1800s. The production of steel progressed slowly from the production of iron over three thousands years due to the hard work of ironsmiths along with numerous individuals to finally invent a process for mass production of steel and at an affordable price.Iron contributes to five percent of the earth's crust, making it the fourth most abundant element (Spoerl n.d.). It exists naturally as an iron ore, iron in a mixture with oxygen. The extraction of iron from iron ore began by the process of smelting, where iron ore was heated with charcoal as the fire burning source. The mixture of charcoal into iron formed a product called slag which was then separated again by the addition of flux, crushed seashells or limestone. This final stage of primitive iron was called wrought iron where the iron after the addition of flux...

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