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I Wish I Can Go Back And Change Aiub Eduui

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SUMMER: 2016-17
Conservation of Linear Momentum and Collision
Textbook: Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday, Resnick & Walker [extended 9th edition]
Topics to be Covered:
9-4: Linear Momentum. 9-5: The Linear Momentum of a System of Particles. 9-7: Conservation of Linear Momentum. 9-8: Momentum and Kinetic Energy in Collision. 9-10: Elastic Collision in One Dimension.
The Linear Momentum of a System of Particles
1. Define linear momentum for a system of particles.
111[19] A 2100 kg truck traveling north at 41 km/h turns east and accelerates to 51 km/h. (a) what is the change in the truck?s kinetic energy? What are the (b) magnitude and (c) direction of the change in its momentum?
3. [22] Figure gives an overhead view of
the path taken by a 0.165 kg cue ball as it
bounces from a rail of a pool table. The ball?s
initial speed is 2.00 m/s, and the angle ?1 is
30.0?. The bounce reverses the y component
of the ball?s velocity but does not alter the x
component. What is angle ?2?
Conservation of Linear Momentum
4. State and explain the Law of Conservation of Linear Momentum.
5. [39] A 91 kg man lying on a surface of negligible friction shoves a 68 g stone away from himself, giving it a speed of 4.0 m/s. What speed does the man acquire as a result?
6. [40] A space vehicle is traveling at 4300 km/h relative to Earth when the exhausted rocket motor (mass, 4m) is disengaged and sent backward with a speed of 82 km/h relative to the command module (mass, m).What is the speed of the command module relative to Earth just after the separation?
7. [42] An object, with mass m and speed v relative to an observer, explodes into two pieces, one three times as massive as the other; the explosion takes place in deep space. The less massive piece stops relative to the observer. How much kinetic energy is added to the system during the explosion, as measured in the observer?s reference frame?...

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