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I Wish, I Wish, I Wish

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This is Jim and Jimmy. They are best friends, and as you can see, they are zebras. They do everything together. Both Jim and Jimmy have been living in this beautiful forest their whole life, but they don’t think this forest is suits them. They have always wanted to live in a different forest.

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Birds were chirping, monkeys were chatting, fish were swimming, and elephants were stomping, but surprisingly the two most hyperactive animals in the forest, Jim and Jimmy, were just standing their nothing to say, nothing to do, but then Jim spoke…

“I don’t like this forest any more. There are no animals like us, and there aren’t a variety of fruits. Plus, there are no people!”

“I know but I don’t know where else to go!” Jimmy exclaimed.

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Jim was at a lose for words, but in the distance he saw a blue light floating in the air, Jim stood up tall and pointed at it. Jimmy slowly turned his head and once he saw it he couldn’t take his eyes off it. Jimmy started to walk over to it, Jim followed.
Jimmy lifted his paw up and touched the light. Sparkles became to appear, so much that to them the forest had disappeared, and then there it was, standing there, sparkling in the distance, a white horse with a horn.

“Hello there, I see that you are having some trouble.”

“Uh uh, what are you?” Jim muttered.

“A unicorn of course, my name is Ruby, and I am here to give you an opportunity. You said that you don’t like this forest any more so I am going to give you a chance to get out of here. To do this I am going to give you four wishes, use them wisely my dears.”

Suddenly the sparkles began to disappear and the forest became to reappear. Jim and Jimmy looked at each other in shock.

“Did that really happen?” Jimmy said in complete despair.

Jim nodded whilst looking into Jimmy eyes.

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Jim and Jimmy were thinking long and hard of where they would like to live.

“How about Angeles forest?” Jimmy said with excitement.

“I know what about the Aokigahara Forest in Japan?” Jim said.

“Yes that is a great idea! So how do we make the wish?” Jimmy replied.

“Um… not sure, but lets tried saying, ‘I wish I could go to’ and then the place. We shall repeat 3 times.”

“Ok ready?” Jimmy asked.

“You bet!”

Jim and Jimmy joined paws and started saying…

“I wish I could go to Aokigahara Forest, I wish I could go to Aokigahara Forest, I wish I could go to Aokigahara Forest.”

The sparkles had reappeared and both Jim and Jimmy started to spin.

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Jim and Jimmy had landed in the forest that they have wanted to go to. They were both so happy and they couldn’t believe their eyes.

“I can’t believe it! It actually worked.” Jimmy exclaimed.

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Jim and Jimmy started to walk around and they started to really love their new forest.
But then suddenly, Jim heard a noise he looked around but he couldn’t see anything so he just ignored it and kept walking. Then Jimmy stopped because then he thought he heard something. He turned his head...

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