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Iago From Othello And Alex From A Clockwork Orange

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Sean Wurr
Period 4
2nd Semester Lit Paper Rough Draft

Unlikeable characters are essential for any literature or story for that matter that is actually interesting. These characters are essential because not only are they fascinating in their interaction with in the plot and the characters of a piece but they are the driving force of conflict which in turn makes a work interesting and have meaning. Two characters that are morally suspect but make the work engaging are Iago from Othello and Alex from A Clockwork Orange because they are engaging to the character and they drive the drive the story.

Without Iago, the play of Othello would just be the cast of characters stationed at Cyprus. Though it is with Iago's deception which he does with the elegance and craftsmanship with as much as its his scheme which causes incredible suffering for the people he has chosen that makes both him and his actions engaging. Evil characters are usually seen as insensitive and brutish, but Iago has this receptiveness to Othello and because he knows him well he is able to manipulate him like a puppet master pulling on strings. This deceptive ness (which is also found in a clockwork orange) is particularly interesting for a reader who is draw into these characters with something to hide as they maneuver charmingly through social interactions is what draws us to characters as they are seen as alphas, the elite as they deal with those on a lower level than they play at. in each of the novels deception is used to make miserable the people they influence and to exonerate themselves of any guilt which allows for conflict with in a piece is is made apparent in Othello as Iago juxtapositions the musings of his deceptiveness with the “honesty” and subtle suggestibilities in the words he chooses to speak. The result is the skill and intelligence and charm that Iago uses to shape the world around him which are admirable traits in a character despite the intention. This intern makes the story line interesting as we know that there is this character making the situation more...

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