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The I.B. program has many attributes that they will create for one’s whole high school career, but one may possess some of these already. One of the attributes that I acquired is risk taking. This is a skill when a person takes risks while knowing what might end up wrong, but there is still a slim chance that he or she may get the effect wanted. I acquired this beneficial skill in my whole life. This came from playing social games or studying. I partially acquired this skill in a game people like to call truth or dare. They assign dares to people that can make them feel embarrassed or they can be painful, but since people know of these, they can pay them money to do it. This is a big risk, because one may not know if he or she would end up sick or $100 richer. Another way of how I acquired these skills is in middle school. It was a project of investment. This is where an investor pay money to a company, to buy a part of their ...view middle of the document...

I feel that one of the attribute I would like to gain is Communication. I feel that communication can greatly benefit one’s life. When we have a group project, this is the time when each of us proposes an idea. I do listen to each idea, but I do not take into mind and incorporate each into our group project. I can listen and take note of it when I want to, but in a group project, I feel that I do not. I am slowly and surely understanding why it is called a “group” project, and I understand that each of the student have the right to propose an idea. This can help me cooperate easily in group project, and try to incorporate each idea into the project. I hope I can fully understand by the end of the I.B. program that listening is just as important as talking and leading. To lead a group to success, listening can greatly influence the outcome.

I believe that the I.B. program can support me in any direction one will pursue. It is a program to greatly build on a student and to support one no matter where or which path a student follows. One of my goals I would like to achieve by the end of the I.B. years is to be a great thinker. I usually limit myself in creativity and follow instructions directly as the teacher would tell the class. I would go beyond expectation except I would like to think outside of the box. The I.B. program will remove that box which will help me think more critically and creatively. Once I grow up I would like to become a pediatrician. Although I am squeamish to blood, I would like to overcome that obstacle and help my family live a healthy life. The I.B. program would help me in this occasion. It would teach me to take risks; this is a great part of being a pediatrician. If the patient is about to die, the doctors would try everything they can. It may kill the patient or help him or her live longer. This is a big risk that both doctors and parents must take. The I.B. program will also help me become caring. The reasons that people want to become doctors because they care about people and want to help them. This is the reason that I would want to become a pediatrician, I want kids to be just as healthy as I was when I was a kid, and every kid should have the same opportunities as me.

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