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Max Roeller
IB Film
IB Film Production Portfolio
Film Rational (103 words)
Our Movie Disciplines is a thriller about the territory conflicts between mountain bikers and hikers and their ensuing fights on the trail. Our main goal for filming this movie was to create a coherent plot, with an act I, II and III, and make a film that is technically proficient. From previous projects we learned that a complex story often leads to confusion. Therefore, we kept the story simple with a solid plot that allowed us to shift our focus on making complex cinematography which invoked the emotions we wanted. Logistical and creative challenges of our film were heavily influenced by the outdoors.
Trailer rational (91 words)
This was the first trailer I ever made, and my first legitimate experience editing something. This posed many difficulties and it was hard for me in expressing my artistic goals. However, I tried to create an eerie trailer, because the genre of our film was thriller. I achieved in making an eerie/scary trailer through using a lot of jump cuts, superimposed text and slow music. The trailer is supposed to be a tease in which I give away very little information about the plot, but still leaves the audience with chills.
Film Analyses (1599 words)
In the movie Disciplines, I was assigned the role of Cinematographer. As Cinematographer, you are responsible for the camera and the footage, lighting, staying on time with your shooting goals and finding the shooting location. As the Cinematographer, you also must do a lot of preproduction work. I had to do a lot of research about focus, aperture and basic camera functionality, and look for a suitable location to shoot our film. I was also responsible to take the script, analyze it and then turn it into a movie by creating a shot list. As the cinematographer you are of course involved with the filming. Not only do you hold the camera, but you also must keep everything in focus, make sure the lighting is correct, and not break continuity. On top of that our movie Disciplines was filmed outside which added another layer of difficulty to our film. Filming outside allowed us to capture beautiful nature shots and a more immersive experience. Having the set outdoors gave us a less controllable shooting environment. Using nature as our setting made everything more difficult. Composition of shot, unpredictable lighting and sound and other distractions that you cannot account for.
We tried to compose a movie that would display our technical skills rather than go for an extravagant plot. It is hard to produce a well filmed film and a complicated plot in a 6-8-minute time frame, so instead we opted for a straight storyline that had varied shots and perspectives and sound. For me as cinematographer a lot of artistic and logistical challenges arose throughout preproduction and the filming of Disciplines. It was the first time I had to film footage for a 6-8-minute product, making this a new experience for me. This was...

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