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Ib World Literature 1 Essay: Compare/Contrast Between The Relationships Of Cacambo/ Candide And Estragon/Vladimir

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Voltaire's Candide and John Beckett's Waiting For Godot relate with respect to the relationships between Candide and Cacambo and between Vladimir and Estragon. The characteristics of these two relationships possess similarities as well as differences. Both pairs' friendships and experiences as well as their philosophies share parallels and distinctions.Both relationships are not based primarily in friendship, but rather in differing aspects such as dependence, servitude, and hope. Candide and Cacambo's friendship endures until their inevitable separation, whereas Vladimir and Estragon's friendship vacillates frequently as they go through their cyclic trials where they fight, reconcile, and then reemerge as friends. Vladimir and Estragon can be considered companions, but nothing more. Their daily disputes and quarrels, which center around whether they should remain together or not, illustrate their ambivalent and onerous relationship. The brevity of Vladimir and Estragon's on-and-off friendships contrasts greatly with Cacambo and Candide's lasting friendship. During the time that Candide and Cacambo are together, they share a strong bond of friendship, unparalleled by that of Vladimir and Estragon, that endures even through the frequent adversities which they face while in the Americas. For example--when the South American natives capture Candide, Cacambo remains with him even though he easily could have escaped. Moreover, the long span of their relationship is indicative of their mutual trust and respect in each other. However, the friendship the two possess is not the exclusive reason for their union. Similarly, Vladimir and Estragon do not stay together just out of kinship, but rather stay together chiefly for companionship, a peripheral kind of friendship, and out of the hope that staying together will bring about good fortune. Candide depends on Cacambo greatly as a guide through the Americas. Without Cacambo there to lead him, Candide would become lost in the vast South American wilderness. Conversely, Vladimir and Estragon do not depend on each other in the slightest for survival--often, the two believe that they would be better off if each were alone. Cacambo has a unique reason for staying with Candide: servitude. Cacambo, accustomed to having a dominant and governing figure around him, guides Candide because of his necessity for a master. When Cacambo finds a new master, he willingly breaks off his ties with Candide, which is illustrated by Cacambo's aloof response to Candide's friendly greeting when the two meet again for the first time since their separation.Both have philosophical views that transform over the duration of their experiences. Initially, Candide and Cacambo believe that their world is the best of all worlds from Pangloss' teachings. However, their understanding of life and existence are later refuted from gathered experience just as Vladimir and Estragon change their views on life and existence. Vladimir and Estragon...

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