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Ibm: Brief Company Overview Essay

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International Business Machines, better known as IBM, is one of the worlds largest technology companies, currently ranking at number twenty in the fortune five-hundred. IBM was founded by Thomas J. Watson, not from scratch, but through the merging of three, already prominent, computer companies. IBM distinguished itself, not only through selling products, but primarily through research and development. IBM is currently one of the forerunners in the burgeoning field of internet clouds.
Employee satisfaction at IBM is fairly average at 68%. Similar companies generally rank from 50% - 85%, with the most being between 65% and 73% (“CEO Pay”). Employee satisfaction has to take many factors into ...view middle of the document...

There are groups, headed by managers set to do specific goals. There are then groups of these groups, headed by another manager who designates slightly broader goals. This continues until one reaches Ginni Rometti, the current CEO of the company, who sets very broad goals. Here is an example of a typical setup. A typical employee working in development reports to his/her manage, Bart Vashaw who reports to Theresa, the Director of Development for softlayer integration, the product that they are working on. Theresa then reports to Jumar Nallapati, the vice president of development on this product and he reports to Jim Comfort, the general manager of “cloud services,” a broader net of products that includes softlayer integration. Jim reports to Erich Clementi, who runs global technology services and then Erich reports directly to Ginni Rometty, the chief executive officer. This is the general structure that most sections of the company follow (B. Vashaw, personal communication, February 14, 2014).
There are many bureaucratic functions that IBM has been able to replace with computers. Processes such as hiring, firing, security and evaluations are now much easier. Thirty years ago there was a vast amount of paperwork involved with these tasks. When hiring a new employee they would have to receive an id, email address,...

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