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Ibm's Programmer Friendly Software, Mote Runner

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To make wireless sensor networks easier to program and exploit, IBM has created a new software development kit — called Mote Runner — which provides an open and programmer-friendly platform to connect sensor and actuator motes within a wireless sensor network (WSN). Motes — also known as wireless sensor nodes — gather sensory information, such as temperature, movement, or light, and communicate that data across a network of wireless sensors.
Separately, IBM also announced today that MEMSIC Inc, a leading micro electromechanical systems and sensor solution provider, will offer Mote Runner on IRIS, one of its most popular sensors.
With the cost of transistors ($0.00001 each) plummeting as density increases, companies and governments are working to take advantage of transistor-rich wireless sensor networks and analytics to:
• Increase understanding of the internal and external systems that support and impact their business
• Improve the behavior and performance of business and societal systems
• Make better, more informed decisions in real-time by applying analytics to data captured from sensors
• Learn about situations occurring in business and societal systems as quickly as they happen.
However, many wireless sensor networks used to monitor and react to physical or environmental conditions are proprietary and difficult to program, therefore limiting the ability of companies, governments and universities to take advantage of them. Mote Runner addresses these challenges.
For example, Mote Runner could help a building management company deploy sensors throughout a high rise building. The technology would:
• Enable the company to develop applications for the sensors that provide the ability to monitor equipment, room temperature, water systems and more,
• Allow the company to simulate where the sensors would be positioned throughout the building and test how they would communicate,
• Provide the company with the ability to reprogram the sensors remotely once they have been placed throughout the building.
“Sensors play an important role in interconnected systems and are critical to helping business leaders understand both what is happening in a system, and what will happen next,” said Charles Lickel, vice president for IBM Software Research.“IBM is focused on empowering our clients to use sensors to instantly monitor constantly changing dynamics and apply analytics to understand and act upon these dynamics. Enabling clients to easily program and use sensor networks is core to creating smarter systems, and the new developer tools we are unveiling today will advance our clients’ ability to drive new intelligence into their businesses.”
Software systems are the centerpiece of...

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