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Ibm Solutions Essay

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IT security system is vital to defend industries or company from constant threats due to digital thieves and cyber-attackers. For financial sectors, it is a must to have a good security system in order to protect the customer data as well as the network of the company system. Another reliable solution to counter the constant IT threats is by utilizing the IBM solutions. IBM solution provides a series of protective strategies and systems to financial services company such as bank and other related sectors.

The benefits offered by the IBM solutions can be categorized into five functions. According to IBM Global technology services (2007), one of the most important functions of IBM is governance, which included the risk management, management of data, and regulations of threats. With the usage of IBM solutions, the organization is capable to secure their company system holistically and totally cost-effective (IBM Global technology services, 2007). In this system, the company management department is able to distribute company resources in order to combat the information security problems more efficient, and at the same time, the company is allowed to consider and develop different operational business models and procedures that enable the establishment and management of good IT security (IBM global technology services, 2007). Besides that, IBM solution able to gives security governance solutions which is go beyond the technical methods and perspectives as well, capable to testing the current security systems in short time, to meet the requirements of existing business modes and achieve the future company’s objectives (IBM global technology services, 2007).

IBM solution is vital for any financial services company especially banks. Another benefit offered by IBM solutions is to provide a holistic data security system, which enabled the management department of the company to continuously exercising extensive electronic cooperation and protects the important data at different conditions (IBM global technology services, 2007). As the data transmitting within the company network, IBM solution can helps to secure the route of transmittance, and defends it from any possible IT threats. On the other hand, IBM solutions also produce a core security system that incorporates the IBM components and other vendors in order to secure the key data assets and business transactions as well (IBM global technology services, 2007). IBM solution is very useful and effective in protecting the safety of company against any possible IT attacks and threats. It is evident as IBM solution published a portfolio regarded to the aspect of data security, which included several key points. They are business activity compliance monitoring and enforcement, enterprise content protection, enterprise key management tools for encryption solutions, and mobile endpoint protection (IBM global technology services, 2007).

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