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ICA-type communication audit During the past decades, our society has become based solely on the ability to move large amounts of information across large distances quickly. This communication necessity can cause problems if not used effectively. Johnson Controls in Athens employees about 1,000 individuals on three different shifts. This plant is a producer of automobile seat frames. The lack of communication is the biggest barrier. All of the "big wigs" are on day shift and the off shifts suffer from inadequate communication. The shift to shift communication is terrible. Next, there is the issue of the huge information load. In the automobile industry, news changes from day to day, so if you go a week without information you may feel like a new employee because you are lost. In addition, to all of this filters always exist. This is especially true since our plant is so diverse with different cultures and languages. It is very difficult to make sure your points get across unless you have face-to-face contact. However, these issues require effort to overcome, but with the right training and ICA-tools it can be accomplished. "The ICA audit is based on a series of research techniques for observation, data gathering, and analysis that are standard in the social and behavioral sciences". (329) In my opinion, the most productive environment is a predictable, repeatable one. Therefore, it is essential to study data and trends to access strengths and weaknesses. The communication weaknesses that exist in our environment are opportunities to future development. The ICA-tools audit will help leaders or upper level management to enhance their control over the organization's processes and to allow the organization to function or meet its goals more effectively. Survey and questionnaires are used often in our plant. This is great as long as the employees receive feedback on results and know that the survey analysis will be used. These audit questionnaires can give the organization the answers they need to boost productivity, morale, and team spirit. Some of the questions that need to be asked on this questionnaire are: How do you feel about the pay and benefits? How fair are the "promotion an advancement policies"? (330) "How do the technological changes affect my job? (330). What are some suggestions for better communication? What tools do you need to be successful as an employee here? This information needs to be evaluated and taken seriously. This will be the first step in addressing the employee's concerns. Then, these questions can help you assess the team's personality types, you will learn how various communication types express themselves differently. You'll discover common sources of conflict and misunderstanding. With work and scientific assessment of personality type, you'll learn about your own communication preferences and how they differ from those around you. You'll learn methods that ensure that everybody's in...

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