Ice Fili Case Study

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Ice-FiliIce-Fili has had one of the greatest influences on the Russian ice-cream market and success in the past by surviving through the absolutely toughest times. For a company to go through the transformation of the Russian closed economy to an open economy that encouraged free enterprise and competition through privatization is incredible. Being able to go through that but also a financial crisis in 1998, which collapsed two-thirds of their economy, is a company with tough skin. However, increasing pressure from competition from big name foreign companies as well as regional producers of ice cream brought Ice-Fili's market share down significantly.When looking at Ice-Fili's financial statements profitability is a concern. If their sales keep decreasing they will soon be giving their entire market share to their fiercest competitors. The multitude of regional producers makes up 30% of the market, which leaves 70% to the likes of Ice-Fili, Baskin Robbins and Nestle. This is an opportunity to grow internationally, but their financial statements are telling a different story. Ice-Fili's balance sheet shows that management is decreasingly becoming less efficient in utilizing their assets. The return on their assets has declined each year from 27.3% in 1996 to 14.4% in 2001, showing how they are becoming less profitable each year. It never has fluctuated in the past 5 years, similarly the returned net income percentile is worse. From an impressive 33.8% of return on equity in 1996 to a stable decline sitting at 16.0% in 2001, Ice-Fili needs a strategic plan.Obviously a market collapses their currencies will take a hit as well. The value of the ruble fell to a third of its previous value affecting the sale of Ice-Fili's product. This led to strategic marketing, manufacturing and importing ingredients and equipment. Ice-Fili and other Russian ice cream...

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Ice Fili Case Study

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1975 words - 8 pages . Hubo empresas multinacionales que salieron del mercado ruso, pero otras, como Baskin-Robbins y Nestlé, mantuvieran se en Rusia y tuvieran su crecimiento.Existe una gran amplitud de precios, siendo que aquellos helados que presentan un menor precio son los regionales y los multinacionales tienen los precios más altos. En ese aspecto, Ice-Fili encontrase en una posición intermedia. Relativamente a los productos alimentares, los

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