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ICELANDIt's hard to think of Iceland as a vacation as a vacation spot. Way up there, in the middle of nowhere, a tiny island in the vast Atlantic Ocean, and there is the name Iceland (Brrrr.)There's no doubt Iceland tourist board faces a serious marketing challenge, but those who dare to venture this far north will be richly rewarded.This European nation's name is an early example of bait and switch. Long ago, explorers gave it is chilly moniker in hope that it would serve as a deterrent for invaders and undesirables. Yes there is ice in Iceland. Big giant glacier ice, but the inland also boasts beautiful green countryside, dramatic waterfalls and breathtaking cliff formations. The people here are friendly and warm. This is a place to party if you like to party.In Reykjavik Iceland the weather is surprisingly mild during September. It's no colder then San Francisco in the winter. In fact, Iceland has milder average winter temperatures then New York. It does rain though, not a gentle rain, but non-stop Boston rain. In the fall the daylight hours are much as they are on the west cost, but as winter draws closer, the nights grow longer until there are only four hours of daylight. That's were there nickname came from the Land of the Midnight Sun. In Reykjavik, the average temperature during the winter is 30 to 35 degrees Fahrenheit. During the summer months, highs are in the 60s. English is the prominent language. School age children learn three languages: Icelandic, Danish, and...

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1588 words - 7 pages Introduction: The 2008 financial crisis was one of the major economic and political events in Iceland. Iceland suffered major financial meltdown when all three of the country’s major privately owned banks collapsed as a result of difficulties in refinancing their short-term debt and run on deposits both in and outside of the country. Taking in consideration the size of Iceland’s economy and its population, this crisis was classified as the

Quomodo Ingens Casus: The Financial Supervisory Authority, Iceland

1717 words - 7 pages States, we experienced a housing market crash, unemployment spike, and decline in currency value with respect to the Euro, but how was the rest of the world impacted by this financial blunder, and for the topic of this paper; how was Iceland, through its regulatory entities, able to handle the collapse of its three largest banks and recover to tell the tale? The Men Behind The Curtain Fjármálaeftirlitið, or The Financial Supervisory Authority

Vikings in Iceland and Greenland - Exploring the Development of Viking Civilization

1677 words - 7 pages Iceland and Greenland are located at high latitudes in the Northern Hemisphere and they face each other across the sea. Though Iceland is considered one of the five Nordic countries while Greenland belongs to North America, both of them were once colonies of Vikings and played important roles in Viking age. Viking civilization experienced from prosperity to decline during 8CE to 14CE on these two islands. It is very possible to find out the

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1849 words - 7 pages With about 320,000 people, Iceland has only about as many inhabitants as an average German city. Nevertheless, the island republic is among the richest nations in the world with one of the highest living standards. Iceland is a member of the United Nations, NATO and the European Economic Area, as well as many other international organizations. “Is the banking industry responsible for the economic disaster of Iceland?” Until the 80’s, Iceland

Reykjavik the largest city in Iceland features a rich history and a rugged environment. -Torist Atractions,Brief history, Cultural aspects

527 words - 2 pages ReykjavikReykjavik, the biggest city in Iceland, features a rich history and an exciting environment. Reykjavik hosts the worlds largest seaport. People come from all over the world to see its massive glaciers and its interesting culture. It is large enough to house over half of Iceland's population. Most people are attracted by its extreme climate which ranges from 42 F in the south to 39 F in the north and that's in the summer time.Because of

Review of Facilitation of afforestation by Lupinus nootkatensis and by black Plastic mulch in south-west Iceland

592 words - 3 pages International Airport, in Iceland. The study examines how well black plastic mulch was able to facilitate in tree seedling establishment. It is noted that plastic mulch “increases soil temperature and moisture, and handles frost well; which, works great in Iceland’s volcanic origin (Riege & Sigurgeirsson, 2009). The hypothesis for the study states that “plastic mulch may be more effective than lupine for establishment of willow and burch” (Riege

Icelandic Society

1747 words - 7 pages Iceland is the one of the country where has the highest quality of life in the world. Most people get educated and have ability to access social services. Moreover, it is well known of beautiful nature country where has abundant of natural resources, which is considerably essential for economy and tourism.These all factors can be displayed that Iceland has well standard of living without any big problem like the other countries. However, every

An overview of Iceland's Economy - Selkirk College - Internat. Business - Assignment

1075 words - 5 pages RAFAEL MINATOGAWA SELKIRK COLLEGE BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION INFLUENCE OF GLOBALIZATION: ICELAND CASTLEGAR 2018 1 WHY ICELAND? I choose Iceland as subject of this assignment, my interest on this country comes from the documentary “Inside Job” (2010), which begins showing how the international crisis of 2008 affected this island economy in the north Atlantic Ocean. As an economics student, I had to watch this documentary a few years ago. GEOGRAPHY

2008 Financial Crisis: Iceland’s Then & Now

2556 words - 11 pages bankrupt, one of the world’s worst financial meltdown had thus begun. II) Critical Examination on How the Crisis Affected Iceland Before the financial crisis in 2008, Iceland’s stock market had increased with over 900 percent since the middle of the 90th century (Graph 3). During 2000-2008, unemployment rate remained between 2-4% and Iceland had grown from one of Europe’s poorest country to one of the wealthiest during the last decades. The

2008 Financial Crisis: Iceland’s Then & Now

1548 words - 7 pages of financial worries – to revival of people’s conscience towards innovation, investment, and recovery. The financial crisis inevitably steered several important political implications visible today Iceland. With the immediate resignation of Geir Haarde and the Minister of Commerce, the Independence Party lost its power and the first very openly gay and female Prime Minister succeeded with the rise of a new strong party, the Social

Geothermal Energy

1254 words - 5 pages I. Culture of Iceland - II. History of Geothermal Technology Culture of Iceland Iceland, the northernmost country in Europe, is a Nordic island in the Atlantic Ocean that borders the Arctic Circle. It is one of the most geologically active places in the world, and is home to numerous volcanoes, geysers, and hot springs. Iceland has a total land area of 39,770 square miles with Reykjavik as their capital, and 2,796 square miles of water

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786 words - 4 pages Geography: Iceland’s wide mass of rivers and lakes are the result of glaciers melting. The reason for the glaciers melting is the very hot weather in the summer causing the larger quantity of water rather than in the winter. Hopefully the glaciers are without any harmful chemicals on them. “One can safely drink from almost any lake or river, although glacial water is not particularly tasty,” ( Out of all of the rivers in Iceland, the

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