Icelandic Companies In Norway: What Methodology To Use To Get An Overview

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What methodology to use to get an overview

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Part of my Internship at the Icelandic embassy in Norway was to conduct an overview report about Icelandic companies in Norway and their success of entering the market. To do so I had to gather raw data from databases but more importantly put myself in contact with some of those companies and collect data from their experience. This term paper answers what methodology to use when conducting such research, the academic theory behind the methods and I also describe how I used the method myself for the report.

1. Introduction
I was intern at the Icelandic embassy in Oslo which was instructive and allowed me to gain experience and inside in a field I had never gotten to know before. At the embassy I had miscellaneous tasks, but the main one was to conduct a report with overview of Icelandic firms in the Norwegian market. The ambassador said it vital for the embassy to have comprehensive knowledge of Icelandic business within the Norwegian market. He also wanted to explore if the embassy could be of more assistance than it already is for new entities in the market and if it was possible to use their experience to assist others seeking to enter the Norwegian market. In this paper will I look into the best way and methodology to gather knowledge from the companies that have established their business in Norway already. The embassy has not had the resources or funds to gather all relevant statistical information and insights from the companies of their experience of the Norwegian market. I will also describe how I used the methodology in my report and inform briefly my main conclusions. In the end there is reflection from my internship at the embassy.
To understand the need for the previously mentioned report, it’s essential to look first into the foreign policy and main issues of the Foreign Service of Iceland. I also state the major export numbers to the Nordic countries to show the magnitude of export from Iceland to Norway.
1.1 Role of embassies and foreign policy in Iceland
The Icelandic government manifesto expresses importance of dynamic international co-operations based on the principles of international law and supports the increased liberalization of international trade. Other cornerstones of Iceland’s foreign policy include respect for human rights, development co-operation and peaceful resolution of disputes....

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