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Fred Jandt degrades the equality between men and women in political and governmental structures and calls it a rhetorical act. (F.Jandt) This week I will examine the role of genders in my country and compare them to other cultures and their norms.
At first I want to talk a little bit about the history of gender roles in Germany and my experience with it. In my home country, a lot has changed in the last 60 years. Not only the end of the Second World War and the rebuild of the country, but also the society and their morals and norms. Going back to the middle of the 20th century, wives were treated a lot different from today. The wife was considered an asset to the man. The husband also gave orders to his “weib”, which is an informal way to address your spouse. There could be two reasons a husband would call his wife “weib” nowadays. Either because he is extremely unhappy with his wife and wants her to explain the issue at hand, or because he was born in the early 20th century and does not know any better. Back then, it was normal to call your wife in that fashion, since she had to be somewhat obedient. It would be very insulting and rude to talk to a women like that in today´s society. I experienced this a lot myself, as I visited my grandparents on a regular basis. Even when I was a little kid, I noticed that there was a difference between the way my parents talked to each other and my grandparents talked to each other. Today, marriage is a testimonial of mutual respect and affection. As I said earlier, this was not the case in earlier times.
Although most of these traits vanished over the years, there are still signs of them existing in the society. For example, the wife is still considered to fill the traditional roles of women in the family, such as cooking and raising the children. However, a change in these traditional roles can be seen in the Gender-Related Development Index, where Germany ranks 15th out of 130 countries as well as in the Gender Empowerment Measure, where Germany ranks 8th out of 116 countries. (United Nations, Jandt). That means that there are only little imbalances left in matters such as health, education, income and political representation. More and more women are studying and are thus trying to integrate themselves into leading roles in the market. Still there is a little gap between the salaries of the two genders. On average women earn 22 percent less than men in Germany (Spiegel, D). Still, Germany ranks 13th out of 135 countries assesses by the World Economic Forum (Forum, W.E.). In Germany, There have been a lot of talks in the last couple of years on enforcing a quota for women in the workplace. A lot of conservationists do not agree and would like to see women staying at home and raising the offspring. This does in fact make sense, since there are so many females trying to make a career out of their lives, and not enough wanting to found a family. That is one of the big reasons for the dramatic decline in...