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ICT has revolutionized the world especially in commerce, education and socialization. It has reduced the world into a small global village. This has been facilitated by the greatest innovation in the information and communication technology (ICT): the internet. Since its innovation, there have been many benefits and opportunities that have been realized from different quotas including; education sector, business sector, health sector, communication sector and transport sector among others. Many organizations in these and other sectors have in one way or another adopted the use of the internet so as to enhance their services, processes and products. In addition, the use of ICT has become one ...view middle of the document...

3- Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
a) Geography
By land area, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the largest Arab state (Bowen, 2007). It covers approximately 2,150,000 square kilometers in area. It constitutes the largest portion of the Arabian Peninsula. In the Arab world, Saudi Arabia is the second largest country after Algeria. It borders Iraq and Jordan to the north, Kuwait, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, and Qatar to the east, Yemen and Oman to the south and red sea to the west (Bowen, 2007).
b) Demographics
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has a total population of 16 million registered citizens. The country has also 9 million foreign expatriates registered with the immigration department. In addition to registered citizens and foreign expatriates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has 2 million illegal immigrants (Roger, 2012). Therefore, the population of Saudi Arabia is approximately 27 million.
c) Economy
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has the second largest oil reserve in the world. These oil reserves are mainly concentrated in the Eastern province. Through her large oil reserves, Saudi Arabia largely relies on oil export for her revenue. According to Roger (2012), 95% of the total exports made by Saudi Arabia is oil. With regard to the government revenue, the government gets 70% of her revenue from oil. In the recent past, government has increased her revenue collection from non-oil sources such as education, trade, and ICT. Apart from being second largest oil producing country in the world, Saudi Arabia is the 6th largest producer of natural gas (Roger, 2012).
4- Government Efforts to Support the ICT
The government of Saudi Arabia has supported ICT due to its role in economic development of the country and region. Information technology has contributed significantly to Saudi Arabian economy. This has led to an increase in economic growth. The government has seen establishment of various ICT organizations in Saudi Arabia as a way of supporting ICT for economic development. Through generous incentives to the ICT investors, the employment rate in Saudi Arabia has increased extensively. This is because modern jobs require the use of information technology because of the new innovative technologies (AlGhamdi, Drew, Nguyen, & Nguyen, p.23, 2011). The new technologies have extended the economic benefits in Saudi Arabia.
The government has also improved her infrastructure in favor of ICT and also has allowed other countries to invest in communication equipment such as terrestrial and space transmitters. Saudi Arabia has significantly gained from this factor because many countries have developed communication transmitters in the land (AlGhamdi et al., p.15, 2011). This has enabled Saudi Arabia to benefit both economically and financially. It has also enabled the country to improve its communication strategies in terms of new technologies. Saudi Arabia has imported numerous computers to enhance the communication process in the country. The emergence of new technologies...

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