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Id Cards Should Be Introduced In New Zealand Speech

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Good afternoon. As the first speaker of our team has implemented, introducing a National Identity card will be highly beneficial to our country, and its people. I will be speaking about the societal benefits of introducing a national ID card, and how the community is made safer and a better place to live in.Documents, such as driver's licenses, and passports, are in the current day, used as a means of instant identification. However, these are not properly suited for identification purposes. A driver’s license or passport holds only a photograph, name, and age, while a National ID card would be capable of holding far information than this. These might include address, an identification number, profession or rank, restrictions, and citizenship status. The card would also have the potential of being connected to a database able to store literally unlimited amounts of information. So it is obviously clear how a Driver’s License or Passport is no substitute for a National ID card.New Zealand needs a National Identity card introduced into its society. Many countries have already implemented National ID cards, or are on their way to implementing National ID cards, into their society, such as Spain, Great Britain and even the USA. One of their main reasons for doing so is a simple, yet fundamentally important one. ID Cards WILL reduce crime. The ID cards will greatly reduce social issues in our community, such as underage drinking and underage driving. The Cards can be used to identify those that are underage while drinking, when most people would not be expected to be carrying their driver’s license or passport. One of the greatest benefits to this is that past offences and a criminal record can be stored on the card, so that repeated offenders can be easily prosecuted.New Zealand has a huge problem with dangerous drivers. Boy racers are one of the main causes of this. A national identity card will be able to reduce the number of dangerous drivers, by enabling police to easily identify people with a bad driving record when they get caught. This will effectively reduce the number of offences, give police an easier job, thereby making society a safer place for us all.Instant identification via a National Identity card also has benefits for restrictive purposes. They can be used to identify whether someone is of the age required to purchase...

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