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Ideal Beauty Essay

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Since the beginning of human history, humans have painted as a way to portrait special events in their lives. Later on, the invention of writing came and allowed humans another way to express themselves and their feelings. During the Renaissance, Europe experienced an increased interest in these 2 types of art; but it also lead to many problems between the people that practiced them. The main problem was the question of how was beauty better portrayed, through literature or visual art. It is obvious that many agree that beauty is better portrayed through visual arts because it is a more clear and simplistic way to express the beauty of someone or something. Visual arts can also be considered a universal “language” because although there are different styles, art continues to be art and can be appreciated by everyone.
Visual arts has been something around since the earliest stages of human life. Cavemen used to paint ...view middle of the document...

In the 21st century, “Mona Lisa” is still a well known subject, even among very young children, although it was painted almost 500 years ago. Similarly, “The Last Supper”,also painted by Leonardo Da Vinci, helped revolutionize the common and the religious world. “The Last Supper” shows Jesus with the disciples during their last supper before Jesus went to heaven. In the 21st century, we can see a painting of this supper in most Christian houses. We can then conclude that a single painting came to be a strong component of a whole new society more than 500 years later. It is also a great example of how beauty is represented and how it can be appreciated by many people throughout the whole world. Another example of ideal beauty represented through visual art is “David”, a sculpture of a biblical hero, created by Michelangelo during the early 16th century. This sculpture helped open the doors to a whole new world of expression and styles in visual arts. “David” later came to represent the defense of civil liberties in Florence, Italy. We can again see that a single piece of art was able to change many parts of common life.
Although literature is a good way to represent feelings, emotions, and histories, it is now a good way to represent ideal beauty. We can see the readers can have completely different opinions about text. This differences in opinions makes new generations be deviated from what the author originally wanted. Some may also argue that ideal beauty must be able to be perceived by everyone. This is a huge problem with literature. Since there are hundreds of languages in the world it is very hard for someone of one society to appreciate what other society may call beauty.
In conclusion, we can see that ideal beauty is better portrayed through visual arts rather than through literature. In visual arts, people are able to appreciate the same thing even if they are from completely different parts of the world. Texts can also be a way to represent beauty, but we can see that it has many troubles in doing so. But in the end, it all comes down to what a person likes, dislikes and their opinions about whether literature or visual arts is better to portray the ideal beauty of human life.

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