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Ideal Leadership Described In Beowulf Essay

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In order to accurately analyze Beowulf, the reader must understand first what exactly is leadership, what makes a good leader, and lastly, how does leadership affect the context of the poem as a whole.
Leadership can be defined in a myriad of ways; but for the purpose of the question, it is but not limited to the affect someone who takes charge of a group of people with authority or rank; to be an influence to those who look to the leader. In the epic poem, “Beowulf”, there are two different views on leadership based on their leaders {i.e. King Hrothgar and Beowulf). With King Hrothgar, he accepted the help of Beowulf to fight in order to defend the people of the Herodot, “Beowulf my friend/fight for us” (457-458). Due to the understanding of his age, King Hrothgar shows humility and admirable stance, adapts to someone who admires him, allowing Beowulf to fight for the people of Herodot. Beowulf on the other hand, shows his leadership by taking the initiative and offering his aid to King Hrothgar’s people, to fight the demon Grendel, who is terrorizing the people. This leadership is seen throughout the poem, “Thus Beowulf / natural powers” (2177-2183), showing that even though he is willing and able to fight, he is boasting his credentials along with his ego which is also seen in the beginning of the poem, “I had a fixed / in the mead-hall” (632-638).
To answer the question, as to what makes a good leader, within the poem there is plenty of evidence between these two characters that show that even though they have different views of leadership, they were good and effective leaders in their own unique ways. A good leader would be able to recognize their limitations,...

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