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Does anybody know what the perfect woman is going to look like? Is she fat and tall or thin and short? Why are girls and women across the world judged on how they look, and what they wear, but males are not? Why do they show us pictures on hot men and women everywhere? Why do females fell they must put on tons of makeup and be gorgeous so society can accept them? There are major problems with our society today, and looks are a major role in our feeling and outlook on things. One of the biggest conflict society has made in our minds is how men and woman should look. It is everywhere! If you look at movies, magazines, and television shows, most of the people on them appear to be thin or good looking. Many men and women everywhere get the idea of they need to look like the models that are shoved into our faces. Most female models today are even becoming thinner just to reach the ideal body, and it is causing them to become sicker and destroy their body. According to Olds, 72% of girl said that models influence their idea of the perfect body shape (Olds 67). The media sends message every day that if we are the perfect man or woman, that we will get whatever we want.
This is not in just America, but it is everywhere. Being perfect is everybody weakness in some sort of way. It is not just random people that make us feel this way, but also our peers. Jennifer wrote, “Someday I can look like her. I can be perfect...” (Fantastic Ideals 43) and this statement alone describes our generation of women everywhere. Being in high school the competition to look pretty is a major conflict every day. I believe most women, including me, do not have enough self-confidence to actually look someone in the eye and say, “I do not care what people think, I am beautiful.” We try so hard to dress to impress everyone, but in reality no one cares enough to compliment you. Guy and girls are so quick to jump on a girl that looks trashy and rough one day, but when she looks decent and does her hair nobody will say anything. When I go...

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