Ideas For Change. Above All, Leadership Ought To Be Identified, Taught And Discussed As A Function, Or Set Of Functions, Different From Management, Administration Or Command.

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Ideas for ChangeI suggest the following positive changes aimed at producing a more comprehensive and effective Army leadership doctrine. Above all, leadership ought to be identified, taught and discussed as a function, or set of functions, different from management, administration or command. To provide the necessary conceptual framework the Army's doctrinal definition of leadership should be modified along the several lines. It should be accompanied by separate definitions of administration and supervision, all of which would constitute what might be then presented as the "three pillars of mission accomplishment" and effective command. Consider the following as starting points for change:Leadership is the process of building shared purpose and direction with followers so that they commit themselves to mission accomplishment.Administration (or organization) is the development and use of systems, means and procedures.Supervision (or management) is the exercise of authority to ensure tasks are properly understood and accomplished.Next, the important collection of principles, factors, traits and competencies now used to explain and teach leadership should be refined and reorganized into new sets that alternately detail and explain effective managerial/supervisory, administrative/organizational and leadership actions and characteristics as implied by the definitions offered above. For example, in 1999 FM 22-100, " Army Leadership: Be, Know, Do," 'Build the team' falls squarely into the category of leadership, while 'Be technically and tactically proficient' would fit better under administration. 'Ensure the task is understood, supervised and accomplished' clearly belongs in the realm of supervision (Army 2.2).Army doctrine should explicitly acknowledge that being a good manager is not the same as being a good leader. FM 22-100 and related publications ought to provide all officers and NCOs with textual resources to clearly articulate the differences between supervising, administering and creating leadership within their units, and they should suggest ways in which the skills and aptitudes that contribute to each of these complementary, but distinct, competencies can be independently trained and appraised.The Officer Evaluation Report and Noncommissioned Officer Evaluation Report and their governing regulations must also be modified to reflect leadership-management distinctions and provide means to separately evaluate performances in each of these areas. To determine "pure" leadership competency, in particular, serious thought should be given to incorporating nontraditional forms of assessment such as "360-degree" evaluations into the rating process. Here, the observations of peers and subordinates are factored into the rated soldier's performance review. When properly interpreted, such data can be useful in matching the 'right' person to the 'right' job, as well as helping to focus leaders' attention on truly serving their teams and organization,...

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