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For purposes of expediency for this article, we will use an all-inclusive word, liberal, for communists, Marxists, socialists, liberals, and progressives. They differ only in variations of methods they use to carry out their tyranny. They universally believe in all-powerful centralized government and limited or no rights for individuals.
Most middle-of-the-road liberals are not professional liars, but lie to promote a feel-good ideology they actually conjure up in some obscure portion of a maldeveloped, warped mind. Others simply have been indoctrinated and sequestered in a system that teaches theoretical gibberish that inhibits their ability to think. They are victims of what this writer ...view middle of the document...

Liberals could get much of what they want in the world; if they would put their lives on the line and plunge headfirst into their own shallow pool of foolishness. But, even more poetic, they would get what they deserve. The first thousand pages of every law that liberals find suitable for the sweaty masses, should apply to only liberals for the first year of a trial run. If they are still convinced of its viability after a year, maybe others would join them in flushing commonsense down the government sewer.
To perfect your skills as being the perfect liberal, consider the following:

Let everyone know. Wear “I’m unarmed” shirts, place signs in your yard, stickers on your car. Then register your feelings in the public record at the court house, and of course in the media not unlike your demands of gun owners. It’s obvious to any thinking, sane human being that these courses of action will very quickly contribute to an increase in overall crime and murder. Therefore, liberals are a menace to their own health and the public’s, as well. They must, therefore, be heavily taxed for this threat to society. The enormity of the increase to law enforcement, courts, and the prison system must be taken into account when calculating fees and taxes.
It’s also evident that the population of liberals would see a dramatic decrease for the simple reason that they would be targets of criminals, and millions would promptly be annihilated or would abandon their folly and find some modicum of grey matter in the nearly empty commonsense portion of their big brains.
Favor legitimizing illegal aliens?
Every liberal wanting to legalize aliens should be required to adopt a family of illegals, be responsible for their healthcare, education, food, housing, and all other expenses. Additionally, they argue that we cannot break up the extended family, so they must be responsible for bringing all members of the illegal aliens’ family to America and provide for them.
Think public schools are where children get the best education?
Prove it by demanding that Congress pass a law requiring that all American children attend public schools from prekindergarten through graduate school.
One of the first things Obama did was shutter the very successful voucher school program in Washington, D.C., which caused havoc in the black and Hispanic population. The President’s children, however, do not attend the violent, nation-leading failing schools of D.C., where barely ten percent learn to read adequately.
Teachers’ unions will be ecstatic and soon liberals will have their long-sought-after Social Justice. Everyone will then be equally misinformed, ill-informed, and indoctrinated into a state of blissful, ignorant, oblivion.
Think public healthcare is the “final solution” for all Americans?
Obama and the New Democratic Party disrupted and destroyed the best healthcare system in the world to insure 2% of a population of over 330 million at a cost of our freedom to choose...

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