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Running Head: INFORMATION MANAGEMENTInformation Management[Caroline Morahan][The Name of the Institution]Information ManagementIntroductionCiena Corporation was founded in 1992, listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange (symbol CIEN) in 1997, and included in the S&P 500 market index in 2001. The company is headquartered in Linthicum, State of Maryland, USA, with offices located all over the US and Canada as well as Europe and Asia, totaling approximately 1500 employees.Ciena's founding mission was to design, manufacture and sell optical transport and switching equipment. The company pioneered DWDM technology, and became a world leader in the space. Following four acquisitions since 2003 and several key technology partnerships, Ciena deliberately augmented its portfolio to address the network applications with the most business value to its customers. My role as Human Resources Generalist for EMEA incorporates recruitment for the region as well as providing a fully supportive Human Resource/personnel function. There is a great need for effective Information Management within a business environment. There are logical.MethodologyIn Ciena Corporation, i have adopt several methodologies to flourish the business of organization. in this regard the notion of "comprehensive" commercial planning is addressed first. Commercial planning-like planning done in the organization by management, for example-attempts to discover how all of the firm's capabilities and resources can be deployed within the foreseeable external environment, so that the firm's mission is conducted with a high likelihood of success (Abbate, J. 2002 , P 198). After describing the basic concepts of comprehensive planning conceptually, the department of human resource is more practical about perspective by explaining how evidence is gathered, selections of goals and strategies are made, and implementation procedures are prescribed in a typical planning process. And who will be best as new employee of the company.Comprehensive Planning For RecruitmentIt's another approach, the term comprehensive planning refers to a systematic procedure for selecting new employees in interview penal those are able to achieve goals and strategies that define, respectively, standards for the future success of a business or corporation and the deliberate pursuit of those standards through objective-seeking work (Abouzeid, K. M., and Weaver, C. N. 2003 , 29-35). Comprehensive planning (CP) for enterprise recruitment strategy may be conducted at either of two levels: comprehensive corporate planning (CCP) or comprehensive business planning (CBP) (Ackelsberg, R., and Harris, W. C. 2001 ,111-116) .The Classic ApproachIt's another approach where company theorists have differed fundamentally in their most basic, conceptual notions of "planning" and "strategy". This classic concept that evolved over many years perceive the planning process in Ciena Corporation as essentially deductive...

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