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Thoughts Of A Troubled Mind Essay

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The northern wind blows with merciless rage upon two lonely figures hiking through the ankle deep snow. The golden radiance of the street lamps reveals the two figures as a thin, young woman holding the hand of a three years old boy whose bones are clearly visible through his skin. They stop in front a building in the middle of the street and the young woman timidly rings its doorbell. Once she sees a flicker of light appears building, the young woman runs with all her strength into the shadows. The boy, with fear consuming him inside and out, shouts for his mother to stop and tries to follow her. His bony legs, now paralyzed by the freezing wind, collapse under him and he falls onto the snow. His mother, with droplets of tear frozen on her young face, stops and looks back at her son one last time; than she disappear into the darkness. Just like the young boy, Truman Capote was in essence abandoned by his too-young mother and his disreputable father as a child; the concept of love was not present a single time while he was growing up. His troubled childhood experiences, in addition to his passion for journalism and homosexuality influenced Truman Capote and his works of literature.Capote's troubled and eventful childhood served as a foundation for many of his works. Capote's parents' marriage was in a constant state of chaos. When he was four, the young Capote was deserted by his adolescent mother and his disreputable father left him in Alabama with a houseful of strange relatives. The childhood the young Capote experienced was a lonely and emotionally deprived one (Price 3). As the result of his forlorn childhood, many of the characters in Capote's stories are often "[doom] to a spectrum of manifestations of lonely isolation" ("Truman Capote," American 116). In Breakfast at Tiffany's, Holly Golightly receives letters from soldiers that "[are] always torn into strips like bookmarks… lonesome and love" are the words that occur the most often on the strips (Capote, Breakfast15-16). In the quote, the soldiers' feelings reflect upon Capote's own experiences. Soldiers on the front lines, like Capote, will always be "lonesome" because of their separation from home and love ones. The action of Holly tearing up their letters of "love" shows she cares nothing about them and their feelings for her and that mirrors Capote's irresponsible parents.Capote's interactions with his mother and the people around her influenced many of his works. Capote's father was never there during Capote's childhood. He lived with his "too- young and sexually adventurous" mother (Price 3), and a series of her lovers more prominently influenced Capote ("Truman Capote," American 112). Since as Capote had a "sexually adventurous" mother, many of her lovers were probably just random persons who caught her eyes and she cares nothing about love. The interaction of those people gave his wit a "streak of sadism" and in turn, many of his stories are filled with betrayal and...

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