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You see animals crawling on the floor, theres growling. You are looking all over and then you see your friend there beside you. You’re staring at your friend. All of a sudden, you begin to see his face morph into a monster. Just a horrific creature and you start to hear a voice telling you things. Things that you should do, and you’ll just be arguing with it just in order to control your own self. This research paper is going to be providing information on what methamphetamine is, what happens to you when you induce yourself with the man made drug known as Methamphetamine, and why people take the drug.

First to talk about what Methamphetamine is. Meth is a man made drug substance that is produced to practically to take it in any form. It can be smoked, the drug can be snorted, orally ingested, and even injected with a needle. This is no ordinary drug. This drug is known to be called the devils drug.

The people that are addicted to the drug have three classification names that categorize them. For the first stage it’s marked as the low intensity user. What these users do is they usually swallow or snort up the Methamphetamine (Categories of Meth). The reason that they do this is because they want the extra kick of stimulation that the meth provides to the user in order for them to stay awake for great amounts of time. They want to complete a task that requires them to stay up for a long time. For the second stage of addiction it’s categorized as a binge abuser. What these abusers do is they either smoke or inject the drug with a needle. What this does is it let the user to receive a more powerful dose, which then lets them have a rush that is more awkward than the first rush (Categories of Meth). The binge user is now in the brink of moving on to the high intensity abuser. The high-intensity abusers are what are so often called “speed freaks.” Their whole mission is based off of preventing the crash (Categories of Meth).

The crash is when the body completely shuts down, because it cannot handle the overwhelming stimulante of the drug (Meth Use Stages). The result of it is a mass amount of time asleep. That sleep can last from one to three days. Once the user wakes up from the crash they experience what is called meth hangover. They wake up starving, extremely dehydrated, and very exhausted physically, mentally, and emotionally. The feelings of this last from two to fourteen days(Meth Use Stages). What this does is lead to more abuse and addiction of meth, due to the “solution” to get rid of the feelings of the hangover. That is the reason that many become addicted, because they don't want to have that horrible feeling. So what the addict does is try to get a hold of the drug once more with practically anyway possible. This can even go from stealing to get money for it, and as far as completely selling their body.

Time to provide some information of why someone might take meth. One main big reason for females is considerably weight...

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