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Mobile devices have started to dominate the world of information technology. Today almost half the people on this planet use mobile devices. The popularity of mobile devices has made the IT industry attracted towards mobile database management which helps users to connect to the database from anywhere and anytime, which was impossible with the traditional database system.

It is still confusing to understand what a mobile database really is so this paper tries to explain what mobile database is. The paper begins with explaining why mobile database has gained popularity and what are its features that has attracted so much attention from the business industry. The paper also explains the requirement for a database to be considered a mobile database. The paper also discusses about some of the currently in use mobile databases in the market. it also looks into some of the issues that arise with mobile database.

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Number of mobile devices in use around the world has increase exponentially in
recent years. Number of smartphone users passed 1 billion in 2012 and is predicted to increase by next billion within less than three years. This increasing trend of using mobile device has led the IT industry to focus more on mobile database.
These mobile devices are becoming more powerful than ever and are very lightweight and low cost, which has paved way for data-driven applications. These data-driven applications has enabled users to access any data from anywhere and anytime. Examples: 1) salespersons can update their sales record anytime 2) News database can be updated any time by reporters on the move. 3) Patients medical history can be retrieved any time 4) Consumers can pay their bills through mobile devices. All these utilities of mobile database has led to increase use of mobile database. Mobile DBMSs are required to support these applications data processing capabilities.

Mobile database are either a stationary database that can be connected to by a mobile device such as a smartphones or PDA’s over a mobile network, or a database, which is actually carried by mobile device. Mobile databases work on wireless technology to communicate. It is infeasible to completely replicate large organizational databsase on a mobile devices due to the lack of resources such as storage, battery life and network capacities. At the same time, some on-board storage of data is attractive as communication to...

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