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Information Society Services Essay

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Table of ContentsInformation society services1Introduction3International regulation3EU directives and national implementation6Electronic Commerce Directive6National implementation, Estonian approach7Commercial add, opt-in, opt-out8Service provider's answerability8Hosting service provider's answerability8Hard fact views from Author to Information Society Services9Concluding remarks10References11IntroductionThere are certain common underlying themes in information society services policy and law. These include internet service provider, adds in web and e-mail, common rules on prevention of spam in e-mail and protection of cache data by service providers. The role of the State in the provision of E-commerce, in particular provision for information society services, is also an increasingly important policy and legislative area. For these reasons harmonization of the laws and policies relating to this area has been on the European agenda for many years.This essay will look at the minimum harmonization policy of the International authorities, European Union and Estonian penal code in the area of E-Commerce, and in particular information society services. In doing so, paper gives brief look at the European Directives relevant to both of these two sectors and discusses the main elements of the harmonization policy in these areas. Moreover, it takes also look at other regulations which are perhaps specific not to any one of the areas mentioned above, but somehow related to information society services in general.International regulationThis chapter will give short overview of International organization dealing with legislation, legal workgroups and other documentation in order to harmonize information society services directly or in general.The World Trade Organization (WTO),With its global community of member countries is one of the most important forums at the multinational level dedicated to coordinating the creation of internationally accepted legal standards for E-commerce, and they are constantly reworking solutions.International Telecommunication Union and United NationsInternational Telecommunications Convention and Optional ProtocolThis agreement was signed to facilitate "relations and cooperation between the peoples by means of efficient telecommunication services" [from the Preamble]. The ITU is a UN agency, based in Geneva, originally established by the 1932 Madrid International Telecommunications Convention, 151 LNTS 5, USTS 867, 49 Stat 2391, ATS (1934) 10.One of the basic texts of the ITU, this convention supplements the ITU Constitution. Comprising five chapters, it governs the function of the ITU, operations of telecommunication services, arbitration of disputes, and the procedure for amending the Convention. ( World Summit on the Information SocietyWas a pair of United Nations-sponsored conferences about information, communication and, in broad terms, the information society that took place in 2003 in Geneva and...

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