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Concepts That Illustrate The Founding Principles Of America

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There are several instituting concepts that for me illustrate the founding principles of America and the hopeful vision of the future of this country. There are those that stood out for me during my research for this assignment and resonated with my feelings and understanding of the country at large. First and foremost is Life Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness; this sentiment is to me the very cornerstone of the hope of America’s inception. Given this principles self explanatory nature I will concentrate on the other founding concepts that have meaning to me. First of these would be the thought of benefiting from one’s own hard work, second is the inalienable rights of man, and lastly the concept of the least possible government being the best.

This first principal I would like to discuss is that of benefiting from one’s own hard work. This in particular for me embodies the spirit with which this country was founded, the people of the colonies were tired of the subjugation that took place under British rule, the taxes imposed, and the taking of their property for use by the crown. This was the underlying sentiment for freedom in my eyes; people just wanted the opportunity to better their own lives through the effort they put forth. I chose this as my first principle because it seems to be infringed upon more and more in this country today. The idea of the founders was that we keep most of what we earn through our own hard work with a small amount going to the common good. Some examples of this common good would be that of roads, law enforcement, schools etc. Today’s government has expanded these ideas to the point where a large percentage of people today give more than 50% of their annual income to some form of tax. This defeats the very concept of one of the beginning ideals of this country. This divergence from one of our founding principles has become an assault on our country as a whole, and has turned into a self perpetuating social and economic problem. Our country is quickly turning into a welfare state; this process by which the government takes more and more of our income and thus the benefit of our work for the common good doing this deters people from working for themselves to achieve a better life at all. This self perpetuates simply by the fact that if you’re not working then you becoming one of the multitude of individuals needing help. Requiring people to work twice as hard to reap a certain level of benefit is a stifling concept those without the fortitude to do this will simply accept a meager existence and be sustained upon the handouts given.

Worse are the philosophical ideas that feed this social and economic tail-spin by also telling people that they are deserving of these programs as a right, which serves only to reinforce the anti benefit from your own hard work principal. Our government not only in its establishing of more and more programs but also in its campaigning of these programs to the American people...

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