Information Theory & Optimization For Location Of Sensors In Water Distribution For Contaminant Detection

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Abstract: The fresh drinking water is basic need of every human being. With the increase in population the dependency on water resources increasing day by day which are all ready in scared. But the population expands on the banks of rivers, nalas, and lakes or on water ponds. Because in this they can easily access water and there sewerage enters in these water bodies. In this way the lakes and water resources polluted which are dangerous for the health of downstream population. The Rawal Dam is a key water supply resource for citizens of Rawalpindi and cantonment. The increasing population nearby of this dam such as Bari Imam, Noor pur shahan, Banigala, diplomatic Enclave and Quiad-e-Azam University contributing a lot of contamination in the dam. The increasing in the technology there are a number of new and advanced system which can be used for detection of contamination and alarming systems to alarm about any contamination before it happened. There are a number of different types of sensors which are using for detection of contamination. The use of GIS (Geographic Information System) with sensors to detect about exact location and analysis that how much it effects can easily perform. In this paper the focus area is that how different sensors which are used for detection of different sensors can be integrated to detect of different contaminations for water resources or water distribution channels.

General Terms: Geographic Information System (GIS)
Keywords: service-oriented architecture (SOA), Remote Sensing (RS), Sensors, GPS (Global Position System), Relational Database, watershed, sensors ontology, TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), CWS (contamination water systems), SPOT (Sensor Placement Optimization Toolkit)

1. Introduction:

14, 000 people died daily due to water pollution in the world [1]. According to 2nd UN World Water Development Report that a billion people which are more than one-fifth of the total populations are away from safe dirking water.
Geographic information system (GIS) have wide-spread utility in a variety of domains for the management of complex data obtained from Remote Sensing, automated mapping and facilities management systems, and myriad of other applications. Recently, some researchers are applying GIS to manage the placement of wired and wireless sensors and sensor networks across large, and often remote geographic regions, as wells developing GIS interfaces to dynamically discover, query and task sensors within a service-oriented architecture (SOA) [2,3].
There are two types of sensing equipment (devices), which are stand alone sensors and sensors within network. Sensor network composed of node of the more sensing devices on the node stand alone sensors perform functions autonomously and don not rely on other senores, many stand alone devices have a programmer’s interface (API) to task and received data from the snores stand alone sensors can be integrated into a network, but are not regards as nodes...

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