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Ideas To Implementation. Essay

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Cathode Ray tubes allow a manipulation of a stream of charged particles*CRT - consist of evacuated glass tube containing two electrodes*High voltage is applied across electrodes - stream of negatively charged particles from cathode to anode*Structures built around the cathode (e.g. electric plates and magnetic coils) can be used to manipulate CRCharge particles produce an electric field*Electric field exists in any region that an electrically charged object experiences a force*A charge in an electric field experiences a force F = EqOppositely charged parallel plates*Electric field moves uniformly from positive to negative*For oppositely charged plates - E = V/dForce acting on a charge moving through a magnetic field*Charges moving through a magnetic field produces a force*F = qvbSin+*Force greatest when particle is perpendicular to electrical fieldThompson's experiment to measure charge/Mass ratio*Subjected cathode ray to deflection by know electric and magnetic fields - set at right angles to each other*Arranged magnetic and electrical forces to balance out forces acting out of CR*-ve particles from cathode move through a collimating anode - subject CR into thin beam*A known magnetic field was applied, and the electrical field, once applied, was adjusted to until returned to OFb = FeqvB = qEv = E/B - which finds velocity of particleThenFb = Fcqvb = mv2/rq/m = V/BrOutline role of Cathode ray in*Electron gunoConsists of"XA thermionic cathode - ejects electrodes when heated"XA anode - collimator to subject beam to a thin stream"XGrids to control brightness*Electric field or deflection systemoHelps to deflect CR for various usesoConsists of two parallel plates - one horizontal the other vertical*Fluorescent screenoEnd of the CRT coated with fluorescent material such as zinc sulphideoWhen CR strikes - it fluorescesApplications of Cathode Rays*Cathode ray oscilloscopeoElectrode sun, with anode grid to control brightness - located before collimating anodeoHorizontal and vertical electric fields deflect CRoPhysical quantities converted into voltage signalsoVoltage (variable input) on y-axis, while time (constant) on x-axisoSince many physical quantities can be converted to voltage - CRO is very useful*Televisiono3 electrode guns for colour - red, yellow and blue - with anode grid for brightness controloIntensity controlled by incoming broadcast signalsoMagnetic fields used to deflect - greater angles of deflection*Electron microscopeoSize of electron wavelengths allow much higher resolution than light microscopesoElectrons accelerated by electron gun at target objectoFocused by electrostatic and magnetic lensesoSome electrodes transmit through substances/others absorboThese cause an image to phosphoresce on screenImpact of increased understanding of CR and development of CRO in experimental physics*Ability to accelerate, manipulate electrons in CRT, and accurately measure rapidly changing voltages CRO; impact in electronics*Increased understanding of...

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