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Identification Of Designing A Web Page For Your School

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The Doha College is a coeducational school for students aged between 11 and 18 years. It is situated in the Arabian Gulf in the capital city of the State of Qatar. It provides a British Curriculum to student from over 40 different countries. Although the culture here does not resemble the European and Western culture, the environment of the classes are the same. The Doha College is one of the few schools in Qatar that represents the British system of teaching. The College's foundation was the result of many members of the British Community, including the British Ambassador, who became the first ever Chairman of the Board of Governors. The Qatar Government approved to the project and continues to give its full and appreciated support plus its encouragement. The Doha College was opened in September 1980. It was moved from their old school to the new one, located in the Salwa Road in April 1988.The college has now become one of the best schools in Doha. Over 650 students from all over the world are currently being taught in the school. Over a hundred students join the school every year. A lot of events take place around the school ,for example, fairs ,sport events and school parties. All of these events are published around school premises to tell the students about these events. These published document are found mainly on notice boards.The College publicises itself in many way. For example:College uniform.Word of mouth (rumours)Year BooksSports eventsSchool productionFairs and fund raisersPosters sent around schoolsCollege prospectusAdd in logo on newspapersCommunication between parents and school e.g. news letters and parents teacher meeting.The TaskMuch of the printed publicity of the College tends to be rather dull. Although the printed publicity of the College is often very informative, it doesn't really attract anyone to actually sit down and read it. The printed publicity is often printed in a laser printer and is photocopied about 20 times and is given to the class students. This publicity comes out in two colours, black and white which makes the document very unattractive. These publicity are very unoriginal. The letters and information given to the parents from the school can be particularly straight forward but it still contains to much information, normally known as a information over load.We have decided to concentrate on designing our own new publicity system for the Doha College. This system could include:Letters home to parentsPoster advertising about the CollegeNews LettersOption BookletsSchool ProspectusYear BooksThese publicity systems have to be :ColourfulAttractiveInformative but not dullEye catchingOriginalModernSomething that the students or anyone won't forget about it.We have decided to produce a newsletter as my publicity system. We are going to design my own newsletter, mentioning all the events taking place around the school. For example, We could mention any sport events or sport fixtures taking place around the school....

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