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Identification Of The Dairy Propionibacteria Essay

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The dairy propionibacteria play a critical role in the manufacture of Swiss-type cheeses because they are responsible of the eye formation and nutty and sweet flavour (Langsrud & Reinbold. 1973; Smit, 2004), but they can also cause red spotting and late blowing defects in long ripening cheeses by fermenting lactate, produced by lactic starters, into propionate, acetate, succinate and CO2 (Brendehaug & Langrud, 1985; Meurice et al., 2004). A high utilisation of lactate and aspartate results in higher contents of free short chain acids and carbon dioxide. The CO2 production is crucial for the eye formation in hard cheeses. For their economic importance the development and distribution of PAB deserve to be better investigated especially through a correct identification of the isolates. Identification of the dairy propionibacteria species by traditional methods is slow, tedious and certain species may be difficult to identify correctly. Genotypic methods are available to identify propionibacteria at the genus and species levels, including PCR-based methods (Dansen, Smutny, Teuber & meile 1998; Meile, Dasen, Miescher, Stierli & Teuber 1999; Rossi, Torriani, Dellaglio, 1999; Tilsala-Timisjarvi & Alatossava, 2001; Nakamura, Kametani, Higaki & Yamagishi, 2005), and fingerprinting methods such as PFGE and RAPD-PCR, which are available for strain identification and genotyping (Gautier, Carvahalho, Rouault, 1996; Rossi, Torriani, Dellaglio,1998).
As we showed previously in Blasco et al 2011, the ability to metabolise aspartate is depending on the characteristics of strains and it is a very important factor to consider when selecting new cultures. Even though excessive aspartase activity has hidden dangers such as late fermentation, a moderate activity may influence the properties of Emmental cheeses positively and accelerate ripening.
The genus...

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