Identify And Critically Assess The Application Of Key Indigenous Protocols In The Australian Public Relations (Pr) Industry.

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1 IntroductionThis report intends to identify and critically assess the application of key Indigenous protocols in the Public Relations (PR) Industry, and in doing so determine whether genuine attempts have been made in the PR sector to respond to Indigenous concerns which relate to the themes of•Representation and Identity•Social Justice, Human Rights and Indigenous Voices.These themes are vitally important to the increased understanding and acceptance of Indigenous culture in professional practice, and by researching the protocols and guidelines that are relevant to these areas, we can determine whether they have been correctly employed in Public Relations practice. As the PR industry is one which seeks to manage relationships between organizations and the public through the transmitting of messages, it is an area which is laden with social responsibility. For this reason that measured and accurate consideration of Indigenous protocols and guidelines is particularly significant as the scope the PR role is vast, and the work of a PR practitioner can effect or influence a significantly large amount of the population. In ascertaining the relevant protocols and guidelines, several authoritative publications will be used particularly the Report on Australian Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property as researched by Terri Janke (Janke, 1998) and these will serve as a solid basis for establishing the appropriate procedures for interactions and ethical conduct between the communication industry and Australian Indigenous peoples. There will be some initial discussion as the contemporary function of a PR professional, then consideration will be given to each of the afore mentioned themes and the Indigenous codes of conduct and practice that relate specifically to them. At length, a brief analysis will be provided as to the competence of the PR industry in application of these codes, and areas which may require improvement.2 Public Relations &Cultural ProtocolsIn its current state, the public relations industry is a complex and rapidly expanding sphere of occupation, that largely serves as a ‘set of management, supervisory and technical functions’ which fosters two way communications between an organization and its publics (Seitel, 2007). The objective of this communication is to ultimately reach a level of mutual understanding wherein all parties are satisfied, or at least have had an opportunity to get their message across (Grunig, 2001.) This requires a PR practitioner to adopt a variety of roles, in some situations they will be required to take up a position similar to that of a journalist, through writing and distributing media materials. Other positions can be classified differently, including those of managerial or diplomatic nature which may include managing and organizing publicity, heading lobby groups, and crisis counseling (Newsom, 2007, 118). One fundamental technique that a PR practitioner will employ on a...

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