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Identify And Discuss The Sources Of Conflict Related To The Culture Of The Country Or Countries Where Your Company Does Business? Discuss Why These Conflicts Occurred And Who Was Involved.

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Touro University InternationalBus 401Session Long Project Assignment Module 4Dr. William Muraco"Cultural Conflicts"The TaylorMade Corporation has an outstanding relationship with the Asian community but it always wasn't this nice. The company initially ran into problems with its overall image and western mentality. The company came to Tokyo in 2000, with aspirations of great sales within the first year, but the company did not do as well as planned.Dieter Paschen (then 59), was the Head of Region Asia Pacific for Taylormade-adidas golf. He was in his last year with adidas (30 years) and carried much of the old style of business over with him from Germany and the United States. A style that was not affective in Japan or any other Asian country. Although the company was doing about the same as others in Asia, Taylormade-adidas had focused on this area and were committed to that idea. The initial problem lay in the language and misunderstanding of what the people wanted, needed and would accept. Inevitably, language is a trap. A Japanese and German business man speaking English can only translate into problems.The company started the using a team of veteran gaijin (non-Japanese) translators, but the problem was even more in depth than the language. The clothing line had not yet been accepted by the people and instead of having a popular golfers like Shingo Katayama and Tadahiro Takayama, they had a Japanese comedian dressed as Samurai walking onto the golf course. Although the company would never admit the promotion was a failure, the add was soon dropped. Communicating consciously with those who can help to cross value systems is the only way to be successful in the international world. Communication in this context is about understanding and not just language. (Holden, Richard)"In the Muslim world, the sole of the foot should not be shown because it is seen as dirty," says Foster. "In America, we often sit casually with our foot crossed over our knee, but this is seen as insulting in most Muslim cultures." In Bulgaria, many American executives get confused as they think that everything they say is taken negatively. But there, shaking your head "no" means that the person is listening, not that they disagree with you. (Wade, Jared) Language is just a portion of what one is sending, when communicating with other cultures. From hand gestures to the general greetings, any misunderstanding of the culture could land you in trouble.The Company realized that it would be better of signing Riko Higashio and Shigeki Maruyama as representatives for local events, which successfully reached the people. Unfortunately, the Company soon lost Shigeki Maruyama to a bidding war with Callaway Golf and...

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