Identify And Discuss Ways In Which People's Beliefs About Health And Healing Can Influence The Therapeutic Relationship. Use Case Study Material From The Cd Rom To Illustrate Your Answer

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People's beliefs about their health and wellbeing are not fixed, but are constantly changing, some people see health as being the absence of illness; others have a contradictory view that being healthy means to be able to cope with everyday stresses in order to be able to get on with life in general. Using case studies of cancer patients receiving treatment from both CAM and orthodox medicine, this essay will identify and discuss people's beliefs about health and healing and how their views can influence the therapeutic relationship, it will also discuss what is meant by the therapeutic relationship. This essay will then address the questions of; does orthodox medicine offer a therapeutic ...view middle of the document...

(Chapter 6, p154). It may be that due to time constraints, biomedical professionals do not have the time develop a therapeutic relationship with their patients or that they appear to be more interested in the symptoms of a persons illness rather than the person.The therapeutic relationship is defined as the interaction between the health care practitioner and the user of the health care, this relationship is developed through the beneficial rapport that is built up between the practitioner and the person receiving the care. "Kelner (2002), describes three models of therapeutic relationship between health care workers and users" (quoted in Chapter 8, p214), which are the 'Paternalistic model' ("non-negotiable treatment"), often used by biomedical professionals, the 'Shared decision-making model' ("collaboration and mutual agreement in the appropriate manner to treating the condition") is a more therapeutic relationship, and the 'Consumerist model' ("the user makes effective choices about treatment"). But there are key issues to the core of the therapeutic relationship which include holism, self-healing and the actions taken by the practitioner and the user; it appears that it is the intimate and sympathetic approach from CAM practitioners which helps build the rapport they have with the increasing amount of CAM users. "Kelner's study (2000) compared a sample of CAM users with GP patients" (Chapter 8, p216). Kelner's findings where that thou, there appeared to be differences to the interactions between the CAM practitioner - user relationship and that of orthodox medical professional - patient relationship, the GPs patients "cited the rapport they had with their GP as contributing to the healing effect". (Chapter 8, p217)It is crucial for a CAM practitioner to build a therapeutic relationship with the user as they attempt to explore and treat the underlying causes of; and not just the symptoms of an illness; therefore therapeutic relationship is of paramount importance to the individual ("individualized user-centre treatment is central to their philosophies") (Chapter 6, p163), in treating the whole person. Users seek to work with the practitioner and not against them in their approach to self-healing and their expectations. As Zola, (1973) and Stainton-Rogers, (1991), state, "beliefs can influence the outcome of treatments" (quoted in Chapter 6, p164).Although users of CAM may indicate that orthodox medicine may have failed to offer the solutions they are looking for to their health problems, it must be asked how satisfied are users of CAM s with the treatment they get? It appears due to the high demand for CAM therapies in society today they are very satisfied, this is mainly due to the rapport that is achieved over time with the CAM practitioner who is able to spend more time with each individual; the individual is able to discuss indepth the conditions for which they are suffering, the practitioner then has the time to absorb the information...

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