Identify And Analyze At Least Three Major Reasons For The Persecution Of Individuals As Witches In Europe From The Late 15 Through The 17th Centuries.

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During this period religious reformation was at large in Europe. Protestant and Catholics reforms were on the rise. Moreover, the Scientific Revolution spawned in the midst of it all. With all this occurring, a demonic figure was created named “witch” for all those against or just not with God. Specific factors determined who would be persecuted for witchcraft. Those who forsake their religion or God, were females of certain age, and belonged to a poor social class, were sought out to be persecuted for witchcraft.The religions practiced at the time were based on the belief in God. God’s opposite or enemy is of course the Satan. The scripture told people of demons and their ability to posses someone or a woman (Mary Magdalene) by penetrating their thoughts with pure evil. Document 4 of Group D informs us that a religious leader (John Calvin) knows that he must wage war on his enemies. People who get easily depressed and have little trust in God were said to be more prone to be deceived by the Devil. John Wier discusses this focusing on woman of old age. He as well states that Christians are the ones that choose to persecute them or not. Thus, showing us that those against Christianity were most likely seen as witches and inevitably persecuted. Furthermore, Martin Luther puts fear in his church followers; by telling them of all the witches’ acts of evil among the townspeople. He explains that it is the Devil’s work, so people following adhering to Martin’s words will definitely support prosecution of those against them. Likewise, even a Pope speaks of both men and women who give themselves to the Devil the moment they forsake the catholic faith. He declares them as ‘”inquisitors” who must be imprisoned and punished for their offences.(Group B Doc 2) A young Protestant boy speaks of his fear of Hell and the Devil. It is clear the preachers at the time were influencing people of all age to fear and at the same time hate individuals declared witches. Therefore, such individuals would definitely be persecuted and the townspeople would fully be for persecution.(Group B Doc 5)You will find that many have heard of witches, but there are also many who haven’t heard of warlocks or sorcerers. Simply because during this period, the majority of those were persecuted were women and they were of old age. In movies witches are depicted as ugly, old, and are of course females. Document 2 of Group D, clearly show the dominance of women over males executed for witchcraft in several parts of Europe. Moreover, Document 3 of the same group, shows that the median among witches was 60 and very few individuals as witches were under the age of 50. In terms of age, Document 1 of Group C explains why it was an issue. Fulbucke critiques the elderly by saying their bodies are impure, diseased, whetted by Devil for the purpose of vexation and destruction of others. Likewise, Johan Waler refers to witches as...

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