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Identify The Key Challenges That Affect The Secuirty Sector

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I am going to identify the key challenges in networking Security. I will cover a series of challenges we may face in security. The challenges in this sector I will cover are DDoS Attacks and Password Vulnerability. I will explain what these challenges are, the problems they cause and some of the ways the security sector work to conquer these challenges.

DDoS Attacks

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) is a method stopping people, companies and large institutes from access to a network. A DDoS is performed when a large amount of packets are sent continuously to a system using the IP addressing scheme set on that network. It works because while the systems receive these packets in large ...view middle of the document...

There has also been an increase of DDoS in Asia, where a lot of large technology super powers develop from, this would then cause of knock on effect to security creating new technologies has they may not have access to the network resources they require to develop new ways to stop DDoS Attacks.

The Positive side of DDoS Attacks are firms that have successfully protected their networks from the DDoS attacks are assessing all kinds of attack scenarios. This is so they can do realistic testing which will ensure the security implementations in place will work effectively for future attacks and hopefully lower the percentage of DDoS attacks in the Prolexic report.

Password Vulnerability

A password is a group of characters, this password could be a relevant secret phrase to the person using it or a random assortment of characters to generate what would be a password. Passwords can be used in a variety of situations. But the most common way to use a password now is to log on to computer systems, access social networks, use email and configure systems as an administrator.

There are many password vulnerabilities and this is why it become a key challenge in the security sector., some of these are caused by the use of passwords, these can be things such as forgetting a password, letting someone else know your password, or even writing passwords down and misplacing them. These are just a few ways that can make password vulnerable and would be down to how the computer use’s their passwords and chooses who to trust.

Some other Password Vulnerabilities can be things like people using the key logger program. A key logger is an application either opened, mistakenly by a PC user then run over a network to the person intended to use the key logger. The key logger can run for months before...

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