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Distinguishing If A Relationship Exists Or Can Be Established Between The Height And Weight Of Students Ages 12 16

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Distinguishing if a Relationship Exists or Can be Established between the Height and Weight of Students Ages 12-16
The aim of this investigation is to distinguish if a relationship
exists or can be established between the height and weight of students
ageing from 12 yrs to 16 yrs in year groups 7 to 11 in a mixed in a
boys and girls school. To execute this investigation I have to
acquire information from Mayfield School survey, this will provide me
with the relevant data which will be interrogated and analysed to
investigate the hypothesis.


The hypothesis for this investigation, in relation to the aim, is that
the taller the person the heavier their body weight for both boys and
girls. But that this proportion is different between girls and boys.
The ratio of weight to height is lower for girls than for boys. This
overall prediction may show anomalies which may contradict the


The method used in this investigation will consist of the following

1. Firstly I will gather the relevant information from the Mayfield
survey and put the data into order for every year group by gender.
The summary results are shown in the Table 1

Year Group

Number of boys

Number of girls






















Total number of pupils


Table 1 – gender by year group

2. I will be using a random selection of 150 pupils from the Mayfield
survey; I chose this number because it represents the average class
size for a typical school for 5 year groups.

3. Using the data from the question sheets a sample will be processed.

4. Once I have the results from working out the stratified data I will
randomly pick a sample of males and females from each year group.

5. I will then divide that data in to the different year groups and
sub total these and make sure the data is regularised

6. The data will be used to calculate the regression properties for
each sample as well as calculating the standard deviation for both
male and female I will plot a scatter graph for each year group and
also plot a regression line.

7. Then I will collect all the data from each year group and present
it by year group in ascending order.

8. After doing this I will construct a scatter graph of height against
weight and plot the perfect regression line to show a trend and to
work out the correlation of the data.

The tables below show the data used in testing the hypothesis and the
method it was stored...

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