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According to Ronald Hagler, the first of the six functions of bibliographic control, or information organization, is to identify the existence of all types of information resources as they are made available. The motive for identifying resources is obvious – one has to know a resource exists for it to be of any worth. This is true not only for libraries, but for all information providers. This paper will analyze how Hagler’s function is demonstrated by the St. Charles City-County Library District (, the Einstein Archives Online (, and the domestic organization website, (
St. Charles City-County Library District
The St. Charles City-County Library District in St. Charles County, MO is organized similarly to most libraries; collections of cataloged books and media are housed in one of the district’s twelve branches or at its offsite collection facility. Each individual branch is arranged to help users identify materials and facilitate their use. Large signs steer users to the various collections, reference help is centrally located, OPACs are in plain sight for searching the catalog, and multiple displays are employed to highlight new or timely resources. Furthermore, by means of its website, the City-County Library furnishes additional access points to most of what each branch has to offer, and additionally, hosts supplementary resources as well as links to resources held by others.
As stated, the City-County Library uses its website to keep patrons apprised of not only what it owns, but also what it can provide access to. Available via the web is access to the catalog and electronic resources, downloadable audio and e-books, a browsable list of new titles, links to reciprocal lending institutions, and a calendar of upcoming library events. The library further uses its homepage to highlight programs (book clubs, story-times, author talks, etc.), special collections, and recent acquisitions. Patrons may also “follow the library” on Twitter and Facebook.
In point of fact, the library website operates much like a virtual branch, with online catalog access allowing patrons to browse the collection from home. Users may also execute advanced title, author, subject, and keyword searches, limit results to the branch they frequent, and place online reserves for desired materials. Although, reference help is only available by phone or in person, the library does provide patrons with online, portal access to a large database of electronic reference items, where the 360 Search feature allows a simultaneous query of multiple resources.
Einstein Archives Online
The Einstein Archives Online is a joint venture between the Albert Einstein Archives, (with the David and Fela Shapell Digitization Project) at the Jewish National & University Library, Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Einstein Papers Project, California Institute of Technology...

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