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Identifying Potential Malicious Attacks, Threats And Vulnerabilities

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Multiple of organizations have gone to great lengths to make sure their networks are fully functioning correctly because it is the best way to facilitate information being shared and distributed as well as keep sensitive information secured. Organizations will eventually become exposed to potential malicious attacks and threats over a period of time. One of the potential threats to any organization is internal threats, which is a disgruntled employee that knows how the organization they work for operates. They already have some sort of access to a computer system in order to cause the most damage to an organization for a specific reason by putting a virus, Trojan horse, or a worm inside the ...view middle of the document...

These malicious attacks might also disrupt an organizations service in order to gain a competitive edge over them because the world thrives on competition to be successful (Microsoft, n.d.).
The best thing to do that will protect against these potential malicious attacks is to consider implementing multiple security controls. The first security control will be Inventory of Authorized and Unauthorized Devices, which will only allow authorized devices to have access to an organizations network, and unauthorized devices that many external attackers use to try to gain access to an organizations network will be prevented. The second security control will be Inventory of Authorized and Unauthorized Software, which manages all software on the network to scan for unauthorized software in order to prevent it from being installed and executed, so attackers won’t be able to compromise an organizations network with malware programs to take control of it. The third security control will be Continuous Vulnerability Assessment and Remediation, which will be able to identify vulnerabilities, remediates, and minimizes the opportunity for attackers to exploit any vulnerability when organizations have new information (SANS Institute, n.d.). The fourth security control will be Malware Defenses that will enable updates frequently to detect and prevent against malicious software that is trying to spread in a network (Bradley, 2013). The fifth security control will be Application Software Security, which will acquire the appropriate software that doesn’t have vulnerabilities that could be found in web-based and other application software that attackers will exploit when an organization uses it. That way an organization will be able to prevent, detect, and correct all security weaknesses that an organization might have. The sixth security control will be Controlled Use of Administrative Privileges, which will prevent attackers from having the advantage of administrative privileges to an account that will target computers, networks, and applications in order to have full control over them (SANS Institute, n.d.). The last security control will be Account Monitoring and Control, which will prevent disgruntled employees or former employees from having access to their accounts after they were fired or laid off from their jobs. Disgruntled employees or former employees won’t be able to steal an organization’s sensitive information for malicious...

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