Identifying Skills To Promote Career Advancement

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“It’s not what you achieve, it’s what you overcome. That’s what defines your career.” (Carlton Fisk) Setting the framework of personal goals gives you long term vision and short term motivation. My personal goals are to continue as a positive, committed role model for my husband and children, earn degrees in both Medical Coding & Reimbursement and Nursing, and become a charge Nurse specializing in outpatient surgery; challenging but realistic. Understanding the influence of, and using strengths and skills retained from education is crucial for personal, educational, and professional success. Engaging and exploiting these qualities may justify indispensability, boost quality of life, and effectively parallel success within the career world. Even though career goals can be confronted with challenges, a precise career plan, utilizing educational resources, and increasing human capital will make you career goals attainable.
My career plan is exact in nature. The employment outlook for technicians is anticipated to increase by 21 percent and 26 percent for Nurses, respectively through 2020 (Occupational Outlook Handbook, BLS, 2011). This prediction allows for elbow room should new obstacles arise. Foremost, I must earn my Medical Coding and Reimbursement degree. Then, procure gainful employment in the Medical Records and Health Information Technology field. Simultaneously, I will establish myself within an educational hospital, such as Albany Medical Center, Albany, NY. While working, I need to minimize my tuition debt, pursue entry into the nursing program at Albany Medical College, and acquire my R. N. degree. Next, secure a position within the operating suite. Where I will work to develop and refine my skills, with the help of elite surgical staff. Lastly, I will engage my strengths, skills, and behavior to gain the position of Charge Surgical Nurse Outpatient Surgery.
Bryant & Stratton College has set before me numerous tools for success in my career goals, both in attendance and after degree fulfillment. The college staff is proving to be an academic and professional asset. Positive reinforcement and constructive criticism help validate intrapersonal communication; assisting efforts to support self concept, perception, and expectations. I have had personal attention throughout the entire process, from the commencement of my application and continuing.
Despite online enrollment, lacking conventional classroom interaction, continuous staff involvement and interaction is encountered. The assignments’ are course based, but surpass typical memorization tasks. The educational process increases human capital; a person’s combination of skills, knowledge, traits, and personal attributes (Carl, 2011, p.269); this allows students to develop inference, time management, detail orientation, technical and interpersonal communication skills. All of which are important to emphasize in the career world. (Occupational Outlook Handbook, BLS, 2012)....

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