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Identifying Stakeholders Associated To One Another And Their Roles

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Identifying Stakeholders Associated to One Another and Ancillary Services and Their RolesNuewana RandolphIntroduction to Health Care HCA/210C10/5/2013Linda WidjajaUniversity of PhoenixIdentifying Stakeholders Associated to One Another and Ancillary Services and Their RolesThe first two stakeholders that I have chosen to write about and show their association and roles are:Providers and Payers. The role of a Provider is the accuracy of diagnosis, appropriateness of therapy,resulting in a patients quality of health outcome. They tend to view quality in a technical sense. Payersroles are to focus on cost effectiveness, maintaining low costs for a facility and patients alike. These twotend to have conflicts with one another, such as Providers want to provide the best services they canusing the most accurate and newest tests and treatments which tend to be most costly to payersand patients. They also want to provide preventative care which the insurance companies, orPayer may not cover for the patient, often resulting in a patient having to cover said costs. ThePayers want providers to follow a clear, evidence based, diagnostic plan to reach an accuratediagnosis and treatment plan with the fewest visits and least number of tests, maintaining lowcosts for the payer and the patient alike, while maintaining quality of care for said patient.Working together, the Provider and Payer can maintain cost effectiveness and quality care for thePatient and for the facility.The second stakeholders I wish to cover are Patients/Employees and Employers. Patientswant compassion as well as skill with clear communication from provider and payer/ insurancecompanies. They would like their employer to offer a wide range of quality insurance companies who willbe clear of their coverage and their guidelines to their coverage. Employers want to maintain or lowertheir cost contribution to a patients insurance plan. They also want the patient/employee to seekonly needed care, follow providers' instructions, and recover quickly to full capacity to return towork quickly and be productive to their fullest ability. Employers also would like...

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