Identifying Study Skills That You Will Adopt To Be Successful In Your Studies

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This essay will discuss two important study skills such as time management and motivation skills. It will then further explain ways to adopt these skills and how to implement them in order to be successful in studies. This essay will also address procrastination and stress management as two challenges, and explain ways to overcome these issues.
The key to acquiring good time management skills is setting our priorities in order such as the importance of studying your first priority. An example of this skill is taking time out of our busy scheduled life as students to spend time on reviewing assignments, and thoroughly reading through and understanding the study material. It is imperative to structure your time efficiently in order to be a successful learner. The first method that can be used to find out how your using your time is drawing up a time management wheel, writing down how you use your time in a twenty four hour day, then drawing up another wheel of how you would like to use your time, compare the two and keep the time management wheel you want to follow in a ring binder, diary or folder. “Remember, a new habit takes twenty one days of repetitiion to form” (Lengefeld, 2009.pp 21), so follow the wheel chart and see if it works. The second Method is writing down assignment due dates on a calendar, dairy or cell phone wherever it stays as constant reminders for important deadlines, this is an effective way to keep on top of assignments so that you can learn to prioritize your tasks within your day effectively.
Motivation can definitely fluctuate during student life. Staying motivated is the first and most crucial study skill students can develop during the gruelling periods of assignment deadlines. The first way to enforce motivation is constantly reminding yourself everyday why you are doing this course. Writing down goals and what you want to achieve at the end of the course you can also set up a reward plan for when you complete a long term or short term goal, by rewarding yourself with a night out with friends for achieving a big goal such as finishing a three week assignment or a two hour break for completing your goal in reading an important study material. Using this technique will give you a sense of accomplishment encouraging you to aim higher in your studies and increasing motivation. The second most important example I will be using in order to stay motivated is to find support either from a student in your course or someone at home that you can talk to about your goals and ways you can achieve them. Keeping motivational people around you and distancing ones that are not, can contribute to the way you stay mentally motivated.
Procrastinating can be a major problem even with the best of students. Procrastinators usually leave studies when nearing deadline giving little and sometimes no time to complete and therefore setting in stress and worries (Chua, 3 June). It is imperative to make studying your first priority the steps...

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