Identifying Two Texts That Influenced America's View On Women

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Throughout the 20th century, women began to rebel against the social norms it started out slowly and was met with much objection. A couple of people belittled the way women were acting, and some even proposed it was a disease. There were many that did not want to believe that their wives were changing and they denied frequently what was happening. Soon enough, writers began to drop subtle hints here and there in their novels about the changes in women and America, [9:39:29 PM] Ariel : at that time, was beyond furious with the recognition that women received in the novels. American conservatives went out of their way to ban all novels that disrupt the traditional view of how women should ...view middle of the document...

He grew wary that his wife would soon overthrow him as she continued to write and explore her inner self. Jane deliberately disobeyed her husband and sought out her wants. Disregarding what others had to say about her strange behavior; Jane proceeded to do what she wanted; to write. Nevertheless, Jane was slightly still submissive towards her husband due to the fact that she hid her journals to prevent displeasing John. Her tiny action that went against John’s morals that was bestowed upon her was the mark of Jane’s awakening. Jane’s awakening had caused a ripple effect on other women; they all began to draw out their inner beings. The conservatives in America could do nothing, but to sit back and watch the changes unfold right in front of them. There was no way out of this change; sooner or later those that degraded the rebellious females would realize that women can and will be much more than those wimpy little wives they were always told to be.
Edna, from “The Awakening,” was far more outgoing compared to Jane; even from the very start, Edna paid no mind to her husband, Mr. Pontellier. Edna dared to have an affair (though it wasn’t as successful as she wanted it to be),...

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