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Identifying Ways To Help Young Children Develop Cognitively, And How Important Attachment Is.

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To decide how to help a young child develop cognitively, we have to know what it is. Cognitive development is the development of the thinking and organizing systems of the brain, our intelligence, which shapes the person's attitude, beliefs, and behavior in life. It includes thinking, language, reasoning, memory, solving problems, and imagery; important things we must learn as humans. Ways to help young children develop cognitively would be through nutrition, education and through sensory experiences. Once we see how these ways help children, we will see how attachment is important and how it ties these ways together.Nutrition is important for cognitively development, even before birth. It is vitally important for children to receive appropriate amounts of nutrients. The mother provides the nutrients before birth through nourishing foods and vitamins. Protein is especially important to brain development. It is important because it provides the energy that is being used by the brain in taking in information and creating pathways to a storage area for the information. A child needs a meal filled with meats and dairy to obtain the necessary protein for brain development, especially in the early years. The "wiring" of the brain that is taking place, at a furious pace, during the early years will affect a child for the rest of its life. Education on proper nutrition is best taught at an early age. I believe it is the lack of this education that causes childhood obesity. If a child is not properly taught about the importance of nutrition, a social imbalance may form and effect the child's learning ability and slowing the intelligence process. Parents are anxious for their child's intelligence to develop quickly; nutrition is just one of the ways to help get them off to a good start.In the high tech society that we live in today, it is no wonder that children begin learning at an early age. Most children, even before they go to kindergarten or pre-school, can use a computer or play video games. Activity games are wonderful for a child to start at an early age. Children learn by observing others and by playing. It is an exciting and fun way for children to learn about how things work in the world. It may be the most important way children learn to adapt to society. A child should be enrolled in a pre-school at an early age. Learning to count, recognizing colors, or learning the ABC's is the building block for a child's intelligence. Exposing a child to books, creative activities, and music, anything a child can learn, helps...

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