Identities Misjudgment And Stereotyping – Miss Brill And Identities Riverside/English 12 Essay

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it is mind blowing to think that all these years we have not change all that much we are still making stereotypes and misjudgments about people. This graphic write shows us the world issues and helps us to get a better understanding of the human life and certain aspects of it. Both stories Miss Brill by Katherine Mansfield and Identities by W.D. Valgardson, are still accurate today despite the fact that one of these stories is about a poor woman in her mid 30s living in late 1920s France. While the other is about a wealthy man in his mid 30s living in a suburban town somewhere in the U.S during the 1960s. But what does it mean to find your true identity? Struggling with parts of identity, stereotyping and judgement are incidents that every person goes through in one way or another. Whether you are the victim or the suspect, not having a strong sense of self or struggling with these issues is normal in this day and age with everything that is happening around us. The authors use the devices of contrast and irony to show that one’s thinking is different from reality and often one learns that reality through the eyes of the world with which we interact. These perceptions can be guided by stereotyping and judgement.
Both stories in some way or another have the use of contrast from light to dark revealing the tragic outcome for each character. “Miss Brill was glad that she had decided on her fur…And when she breathed, something light and sad – no, not sad, exactly – something gentle seemed to move in her bosom” (Katherine Mansfield). Suggesting that Miss Brill has begun her Sunday morning delighted. “The smell of burning leaves stirs memories of childhood car rides, narrow lanes adrift with yellow leaves, girls on plodding horses, unattended stands piled high with pumpkins, onions, beets…” (W.D. Valgardson). this explains that the protagonist from Identities is feeling a joy of happiness during his Saturday morning. And that he is excited to be able to go exploring out into the neighborhoods to try and escape the miserable life he has. Although she starts her Sunday Monday with delight, Miss Brill then “went into the little dark room – like a cupboard, and sat down…. She put the lid on she thought she heard something crying” (Katherine Mansfield). The light and happiness of Miss Brill is completely crashed once she realizes her true reality and not her transformed thought of what she thinks it is. “In the last voluntary movement of his life, he reaches his hand towards his wallet for his identity” (W.D. Valgardson). As the protagonist from Identities goes from his wealthy neighborhood to a very ghetto and dark neighborhood. He sees the officer, and instead of fear he feels relief. But as he reaches his hand towards his wallet to show the officer who he is. He meets his tragic downfall. Unknowingly to the protagonist, at that very moment he was given an identity right before he meets his end.
Both the authors use of irony to imply the protagonist’s...

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