Identity Is A Very Important Facet In Our World.

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Identity is a very important facet in our world. Our identity tells us who we are, and determines how we live our lives. There are many texts that explore the aspects of identity, which create various identities in many different ways. Such texts that will be examined include "Homeland", "The love song of J. Alfred Prufrock", and "Looking for Alibrandi". Each of these different text types employs various techniques to create identity, ranging from film and convention techniques to characterisation, humour, symbolism, and the use of imagery.The article, "Homeland" by Anna Maria Dell'oso, explores a young Italian girl's search for her identity, as she struggles to re-kindle that special bond that would normally exist between mother and daughter, and consolidate her sense of heritage and "Italianism". It also focuses on her mother, struggling to admit that the past is gone, and searching for her identity as she endeavors to accept the present, and future. Both women possess fiery identities seeming irritable and hot-tempered, however on the inside they are both struggling to discover their true identity. This article explores the nature of identity through encompassing symbolism, and imagery such as nostalgic images of the past.Throughout the article, the narrator constantly refers to a "key". Physically, this is the key she has to her parent's house, but she also refers to the key as the missing link between mother and daughter. "...the key a woman fishes from her womb to give her daughter". The key has become a symbol of what has never existed between her and her mother, a special bond or connection. "That secret thing that is unlocked from mother to daughter, was never given to me but passed straight on...". Because of this, she feels somewhat distant from her mother and her Italian culture. This symbolism explains that part of one's identity is inherited from parents. Parents are a link to the past, and are the ones that bring culture and heritage into the lives of their children, both of which are major parts that compose one's identity. It also emphasises that family relationships is a central factor of a person's identity.Another language feature utilised in this article to explore identity, is the use of nostalgic images of the past. These are brought up throughout the text in the form of imagery and excerpts from letters, such as "eating plums in the fields, gossiping with her sisters, lighting candles in the wind swept church on Sundays". When the mother returns to Italy, we are given the impression that she wants to escape to the past, "to sit in the sun of sepia photographs", where she believed she would find the traditional culture and heritage she grew up in. However, she finds that Italy has modernised, and the dreams of re-living her past disappeared. These images show that part of our identity is also from the past. The conditions where someone grew up and the environment they lived in will shape their identity forever. However, the...

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